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Added April 23, 2014

Makeup Tips Especially for Girls

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You’re ready to start experimenting with wearing makeup and your parents have given you approval, but you don’t know where to start. While you want to try the newest products and trends you see in magazines or videos, it’s still very overwhelming. Here are some makeup tips especially for you!

Remember that you need to be comfortable in your own skin. Makeup can be about self-discovery: You’ll find what makes you happy and what makes you feel good being you. It can be a fun way to express yourself and highlight some of your best features for the world to see. It’s a learning process and is not something that will happen over night. With a little experimenting, you’ll soon develop your daily beauty regimen.

Soften Your Natural Features
Makeup is meant to enhance your natural beauty. You don’t have to go crazy with lots of it. A little can go a long way. Experts believe that too often makeovers involve lots of makeup and a masking of who you really are. Play up your lips OR your eyes, not both. Also, neutral colors allow you to shine vs. your bright makeup taking center stage.


Make Smart Beauty Buys
Spend your money wisely. Some products are worth paying more for, and some are best to get for a good value. It’s better to invest in staples that are important to your everyday look. Quality matters more when buying eye shadow, moisturizer, foundation, powder, blush, and an everyday lipstick, and less when it comes to mascara, eye liner, cleansers, lip gloss, and trendy lipstick colors. When you're contemplating trying out a new look, make sure you test the foundation, powder, blush, and lipstick to make sure you choose the right color for your skin tone.


Keep A Well-Groomed You
People tend to judge others by the care they put into their hands and their feet. Nothing says well-groomed louder than nails that are clean and the same length. Use this makeup tip: If you polish your nails, change or remove the color when it chips.


Have fun experimenting with these tips. Style is a fabulous form of self-expression. Create your own unique, individual look, and be sure it’s one that allows you to feel comfortable in your own skin.

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comments so far
Posted July 24, 2014
I'm in 6 th grade and I have been wearing eyeliner mascara eyeshadow powder foundation an blush for a year
Posted April 28, 2014
Thanks B.G,this advice really helped.I'm 15 and I'm good with make up,the problem is I'm scared of applying a mascara,can someone please help?,thank you:)
Posted July 31, 2013
Lots of great advice for kids like me just starting out with make-up.
Posted July 20, 2013
this is good make up tips but i have the make up artist blood in me but i am deciding to be a heart surgeon
Posted April 06, 2014
I started 6th grade this year and the "populars" started wearing makeup and I kinda wanted to now I wore some and now my friend or maybe ex-friend is talking about me behind my back saying:wow she ALWAYS wears makeup what should I do I mean I like the way I look in it so advice pls!!!
Posted July 28, 2013
I just have my own style me and my dont care who judges us even if its the most popular girl in school
Posted April 16, 2013
This article helps me a lot. Experts, can you have an article that could tell me how to prepare for the Grade 8 grad? Thank you and keep writing awesome articles!
Posted April 16, 2013
NerdyGirl17, you could try to start with something simple, and on a Monday so its not like one day you have it on, the next you dont. Just do some pale eyeshadow and a little mascara to start, thats what I did. THen when you get older start to add stuff like powder, eyebrows, and eyeliner. I dont use eyeliner cuz i suck at uttning it
Posted July 03, 2013
When I started wearing makeup I didnt even know exactly what I bought and how to use it.. i bought mascara and started putting it on very light then my mom saw it, still today as a sophomore in high school i only wear mascara and little blush.. Little goes a LONG way girls!! (:
Posted February 17, 2013
"People tend to judge others by the care they put into their hands and their feet. Nothing says well-groomed louder than nails that are clean and the same length" i read as i bite my nails
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