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Girls Body Image

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Dear BeingGirl Experts,

I was wondering how come girls think that bigger breasts are better? All of my friends complain to me about how they're "flat-chested" and it really annoys me. I'm 15 and I wear a 36/38 D. I'm sure that says a lot. They don't realize what I would give to be like they are.


If I ever get attention from guys, its because I'm developed in that area. I have to buy shirts that are bigger than they need to be, and button-down shirts are always a problem. I wish that more girls would learn to be happy with themselves instead of wishing for more when they don't know what it's like and how troublesome it can be.




Dear Joanie,

Chances are your friends have no idea of how you feel or that having larger breasts isn't ideal. Often a person seems to want what they don't have and think everyone else is better off. You are right when you say girls should be happy with being healthy!


Thanks for sharing this with us!

Your BeingGirl Experts

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Posted October 02, 2013
I understand the most. I have a I'm 14, I have a 34G and my boobs are huge I cant even find a bra anymore! You just have to get used to having your boobs
micki mouse roxx8
micki mouse roxx8
Posted June 28, 2012
yeah, i need to start appreciating instead of hating
Posted October 18, 2011
I guess you are right, I should like who I am not who I want to be.
Posted November 08, 2011
you are so right it is not as fun as everybody would want to think it is to be full in the breasts my best friend envys me because I am 13 and i wear a 36c and she is 13 and is in an a still but your back almost ALWAYS hurts!!:(
Posted June 24, 2011
I also think that but I feel left out that's all I mean I wouldn't care if all of my friends and non friends were flat chested in just am jelus I guess but I no I don't need to be :)
Posted June 06, 2012
im happy with my self but it sometimes gets me when you look at irls with bigger breast that has all the dudes it just sucks sometime.


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