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Body Hair Removal

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Added April 10, 2014

Get Rid of Lip Hair

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Upper lip hair: what to do when it's not a milk mustache

During your teenage years and even into your 20s, you might find dark hair popping up in the most unexpected and unwanted places on your face: your upper lip, your chin, even on your neck. Some women let these hairs be. But if you decide that your facial hair is excessive or particularly dark, you have some options.


First, you should talk to your Mom or another trusted adult about this issue. Chances are they have been there before and can help you find the best method for you. Be honest and ask a lot of questions. Some methods involve bleaching, so it’s something you should think about before acting. It’s your pretty face we are talking about here — it’s better to be safe than sorry.


Once you had a good chat with an adult, take a look at these methods below to help get rid of lip hair. Remember: each of these methods are temporary and will need to be repeated in one to two weeks.

  • Facial-hair bleach. This is a cream or liquid that is applied to lighten the color of hair to make facial hair less noticeable. Just remember, don't leave it on for more than the recommended time period because you can risk burning your skin.
  • A depilatory. This is a cream that removes the hair. Just like facial-hair bleach, it can burn and usually smells terrible.
  • Waxing. Waxing is where a sticky substance is spread across facial-hair with a strip of heavy paper placed on top. Once the waxing strip of paper is removed, it pulls at your facial-hair removing it from your skin. You can go to a beauty salon to get waxed, or do it yourself (although waxing at home can be tricky — and messy).


For stray, randomly appearing hairs, tweezing is your best option. Be aware that this option may cause ingrown hairs or folliculitis (acne-like bumps).


One thing you should do is leave the razors for the guys. Shaving your legs (with a good shave gel and razor like Gillette® Satin Care and Venus razor) is fine, but never put a razor to your face!


Other more expensive options to get rid of lip hair are electrolysis and laser hair removal. These approaches can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. If you decide to have one of these procedures performed, be sure to talk to your parents and a licensed practitioner for the best service. Inquire about the potential side effects of these procedures. Just find the option that works best for you.


If the hair growth on your face or others parts of your body, like your chest, is excessive and grows over a short period of time, consult a dermatologist to make sure you don’t have an underlying medical condition causing this.

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comments so far
Posted October 07, 2013
I didn't know what to do about my mustache hair so I facial bleached it and now it is gone forever
Posted September 16, 2013
Honestly, I hate upper lip have and I don't bleach, wax, or depilatory, I shave it and it works for about 3 days but be careful it can be tricky put warm water before and first shave down and then go up and ta-da! BECAREFUL it can't cut your skin Experiences hope I helped -Reagan
Posted February 25, 2013
I tried using bleach but it didn't work very good so know i use the hair removal cream. Do yall have any suggestions on how to make the stinging sooth a little.
Posted April 16, 2013
I really needed this article. Are there any other ways to remove lip hair? If, yes, can you email me? Thank you, Experts, for this article.
Posted July 23, 2013
I prefore you wax it doesn't hurt when it happens its just rit before it happens you get so scared .
Posted July 23, 2013
No joke waxing doesn't hurt what makes you think it hurt is the accrual hot wax.and that nonsense about. It coming back darker and quicker isn't true! I wax like 1 or 2 times a month but not every month.
Posted July 29, 2012
i tryed useing nair an it made me red so i gave up
Posted July 30, 2012
I haven't waxed my upper lip and woudn't recomend it. Once you start you have to keep waxing and your face is a very sensitive part. But thats just my opinion. Be confident! :)
Posted August 23, 2012
I wax my upper lip i find its easier to have little strips of wax but its not that painful its just a little sensitive for a couple of hours after so dont wear make up i find it can irritate it x
Posted November 11, 2012
Ever since i was ten i had a lot of lip hair so i asked my mom if i can wax it so she took me to a place and they said that if i wax it will only come in darker and fuller so my mom asked about laser hair removal and they said that is much better and that it doesnt hurt so they tested it on my hand first to see if i liked it and i did so they did it on my lip and it only took 1 minute and it didnt hurt at all and it only felt like a little pinch so i reccomend that for girls that have bad lip hair and are brave enough.
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