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Added April 23, 2014

Fun Things To Do In Winter

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If you live in a climate where winter comes in like a polar bear, then you know the feeling of the winter doldrums, better known as the winter blues. Curling up in front of the fireplace with a good book and a colorful needlepoint may be just fine for your grandmother, but how is a feisty teen like you going to find fun things to do in winter?


Well, before you settle in for a long winter's nap, why not challenge the season with the creativity, ingenuity, and unabashed spirit you are known for, and find fun things to do in winter! Indulge yourself, your family and your friends with fun things to do in winter that are guaranteed to put summer camp to shame.


Turn on the heat with these fun things to do in winter.

1. Conduct an Indoor Winter Olympics. So it's not exactly the luge, but challenging board games will get your heart pumping when played with gusto and is a fun thing to do in winter. Gather a group of friends. Choose your old-time favorite games or try some new ones on for size. Then Boggle away the hours by competing for the best Scategory, Pictionary or trivia medal. Uno card games and timeless classics like Monopoly and Life will bring you hours (maybe days if you are a tough competitor) of fun. Be sure to set the rules before you begin and remember, the fun is in playing the game, not necessarily winning it!


2. Make Something With Your Hands. You are the pulse of the fashion industry, the new rising artists, the bakers of America! Whatever your particular interest, expand on it this winter by creating wearable art, interesting jewelry or studded sneakers and jeans. Borrow How-To books from the library, purchase inexpensive art supplies, and let your imagination move you. This is a great fun thing to do in the winterand you can wear your own creation!


3. Write A Short Story. No, really, you can do it. Get together with a friend or two and write a love story, a teen saga, a mystery. Did something funny or spooky happen to you and your friends recently? Write about it. Type your finished manuscript and bind it with an interesting cover. You may not publish your story but you will remember the experience forever. Just be aware of creative differences. Great minds don't always think alike.


4. Make Sense of Your Family's Photos. Most families don't have the time to organize and arrange their family photos. Why not tackle this job and use it as a fun thing to do in winter? Sort your photos out by family member, vacation, age. Whatever. Buy or create photo decorative photos albums, scrapbooks or photo boxes. Tell your family's story in a photo essay. Include captions under each photos (or on each page), indicate dates and people's names. You'll create a family treasure that is priceless.


5. It's Movie Marathon Time! Rent and watch all the movies with your favorite actors! Indulge in the classics. Try a foreign film or two. Nothing soothes the soul and warms the heart on a wintry weekend like a fresh bowl of popcorn, a steamy cup of hot cocoa and a good movie!


6. Are You a Science Girl? Now's the time to experiment! Build a volcano. Discover the magnetism of magnets. Conduct a study in plant growth! Why not invent a household device that will empty the dishwasher so you don't have to? The sky's the limit when it comes to finding fun things to do in winter. (Just be sure to clear your ideas with your mom or dad!)


7. Choreograph a Dance. Practice makes perfect and there's plenty of time to practice new moves. Try this: Get together with a group of friends, mix your favorite dance tunes, and make your own chorus line. Wear funky hats, unique T-shirts, and perform your routine for your parents and siblings. Dancing is not only rewarding, it's year-round exercise!


8. Read the Classics. Jane Eyre. Huck. Pip. The timeless characters of literature will warm your heart and take you on endless adventures! Set a realistic goal2 books, 5 books, 10 books! Whatever you think you can handle. Then, yes, log-off for just a while and curl up on your favorite chair and read, read, read.


Before you know it, the winter will have passed. Make creative use of your time and fight off the winter blues with these fun things to do in winter! The groundhog will love you for it!

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Posted May 09, 2013
Thx for the great tips!!
Posted April 29, 2013
Awesome!! Any one agree!!!!
Posted January 18, 2012
not really
Posted July 08, 2012
luv this
Posted December 20, 2012
i love this article :) definitely trying some of the things on this list~
Posted December 31, 2011
That's a lot of things u csan fdo just in one day
Posted August 18, 2011
I ski... Like every weekend and "work" and the mountain!
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