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Added April 10, 2014

Fun in the Sun Safety Tips

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How do you plan to spend your summer? School’s out for a few months, and it’s your chance to enjoy the warm weather and take a break from schoolwork. Whether your summer includes a big family vacation, a summer job or some downtime at home — chances are you’ll be spending some time outdoors. Which means you should know all about sun safety.


You’ve probably heard the importance of sunscreen since you were a little girl. You might even remember being covered in high-SPF (sun protection factor) stuff by your parents. Sure you’ve grown up since then, but that doesn’t mean you’ve grown out of having to use sunscreen. No one likes nasty sunburns. The sun can cause harmful effects on the skin: sunburn, sun damage and early aging of your skin to name a few.


Sun Safety Tips

  • Wear sunscreen on your face everyday. You can buy moisturizers and even foundations with SPF.

  • Be sure to apply a lip balm, lipgloss or lipstick with sunscreen because the skin on your lips is very sensitive.

  • When you're hanging around outside or laying poolside, make sure to wear sunblock. If you have fair skin, you'll want sunblock with a higher SPF, like 30 or 45. Always wear a hat to protect your scalp. Bring an umbrella to the beach so you can give yourself some shade and a break from the sun.


There are a lot of fun activities to enjoy outside during the summer and now you have all the sun safety tips to have fun while being safe!

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comments so far
Posted August 06, 2012
I have tan skin.. and whenever I'm out in the sun, I never get burned. I do get burned sometimes.
Posted May 21, 2012
i still dont get the idea about getting a tan. i mean i have fair to white skin and i sorta wanna stay like in between white and fair. please somebody help me :)
Posted May 26, 2011
hey! i guess im the first 1 to post a comment but anyway.... im not a red head so my skin is not REALLY pail but im blond so its close to it and i was wondering how can i get tan without 'spraying' on a tan...i want a "REALL" tan but just not from the sun... so does anybody have a good brand of mostrizer (that i can get from like walgreens or CVS or some place were its not going 2 cost more than $25) or any other ideas of ways 2 get tan?? thxs! luv ya! **Twin1234**
Posted August 19, 2011
Super helpful!
Posted July 13, 2011
@twin1234 i use a banana boat brand and i got it at walmart for $12 and it works FANTASTIC! Its a lotion, btw.:)
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