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Added April 23, 2014

Fun Ideas to Make Your Summer Unforgettable

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How great would it be if summer vacation lasted all year? You’d be lounging around, hanging out with your friends for hours, going to the beach or pool, and staying up late and sleeping in.


That’s part of summer vacation’s charm, though! You don’t have forever, so you have to get as much fun as you can out of each and every day. It’s your chance to make your summer unforgettable! For fun ideas on how to make this summer one you’ll never forget, check out our list below:


Take Your Meal Outside

Everyone loves a barbecue! Ask your parents’ permission to have a few friends over for a summer cookout.


To share the responsibilities, assign each of your friends a dish or snack to bring. Since you’ll be the grill master (or at least a parent will!), you’ll most likely end up being responsible for the main course. But don’t worry, no one can turn down hamburgers, grilled chicken, or hot dogs! Also, be sure to have a vegetarian option on hand if one of your friends doesn’t eat meat.


To add some excitement, consider making personalized invitations with something as simple as construction paper and crayons! Show your friends your crafty skills. Give your party a theme and ask your friends to dress accordingly. For example, who doesn't love a luau? Decorate your backyard with lights and tropical flowers, and have your guest wear their favorite island gear.


Going the extra mile with details can make your party unforgettable! And don't forget to take pictures! The pics will be great material for your summer scrapbook.


“Rough” It!

Star gazing and storytelling is the perfect way to spending an evening with your gal pals. If camping out in the wild is not your style, try it in your backyard. Throwing a slumber party in your backyard can be a great way to make memories with your BFFs. Ask each friend to bring a sleeping bag, a pillow, pajamas, a flashlight and a scary story to share. Then pitch a couple tents in your backyard (maybe with some help from dad or another adult) and spend a night under the stars.


Visit a Theme Park

A theme park is a perfect way to spend a summer day enjoying rides, views and attractions. It can be fun for everyone involved and can be a bonding experience with lots of memories.


There are all kinds of theme parks, some with rollercoasters and characters to soe with water slides and plenty of fun games!


Make a Summer Must-Do List

It’s fun to try new things and explore your interests. Whether it’s getting through a book you’ve been meaning to read or learning a new sport, try thinking up some activities you’ve always wanted to do. Maybe it’s a visit to the new exhibit at the museum or making homemade popsicles. Or research some new DIY projects to do with your friends or family.


No matter what you have on your list, you’ll always have something to do — or work toward. Enjoy the activities and adventures! You’ll have some fun stories to share with your friends and family.


However you plan to end your summer, be sure to include your besties! Having friends to share memories with all summer long makes them that much better!

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comments so far
Posted June 16, 2014
Definitelying going to try this :D, thanks B.G
Posted June 16, 2014
I love these ideas!I asked my parents if I could invite some friends over for a barbecue,and they said yes!
Posted June 16, 2014
definately gonna to try this,thnxs b.g
Posted July 25, 2013
I like the ideas!
Posted April 09, 2014
I like the ideas
Posted June 16, 2014
I want My period so bad
Posted August 05, 2012
thank u so much
Posted July 04, 2013
thanks but what if i get my period when at a friends house and she lives with her dad and doesnt have anything.....
Posted August 28, 2012
Thanks for the advice!
Posted July 03, 2013
Good ideas :)
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