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Added April 10, 2014

Frizzy Hair Day Do’s & Don’ts

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Did you wake up this morning with your hair a frizzy, wild mess? Chances are, if your hair has even the slightest wave or curl, it's susceptible to frizz. We’re all about embracing your natural hair texture, but there are always days when it’s just totally out of hand! Here are some do’s and don’ts for turning the frizziest hair day around to get a great look you’ll feel great about.


Do’s for Frizzy Days

The most important Do is to love your hair. Many are jealous of the regal quality of curly and wavy hair!


  • Drink a lot of water. The health of your hair also comes from within.

  • Buy a showerhead water filter. It gives you chlorine-free and harsh mineral-free water that helps make the products you use more effective.

  • Massage your scalp and hair with conditioner instead of shampoo. Natural oils will remain in your hair, relaxing the frizz.

  • Use a big, round brush to smooth your hair as you dry. The advantage of aluminum brushes is that the inner core warms with the heat of the dryer, providing the double advantage of heat and styling at the same time.

  • Blow-dry in a downward motion. Running the hair dryer over hair up and down causes the cuticle to frizz and split. Divide hair in sections with curler pins and dry one section at a time.

  • Carry an umbrella if you think it might rain. Wet hair leads to frizz. And wear a hat to cover your head in the sun and the wind.

  • Consider hair products that protect against UV rays (they have an SPF, or Sun Protection Factor).


Frizzy Hair Day Don’ts

  • Avoid overusing blow dryers, flat irons, and curling irons. The more heat you use to style your hair, the more you are drying your strands out. If you must use one, set it at a lower temperature than you normally use, and use a thermal protectant on your hair before you begin.

  • Don’t shampoo every day. Shampooing more than three or four times a week dries out and damages hair over time.

  • Don’t rinse with hot water. Rinse with the coldest water you can stand, as cold water locks down the hair cuticle and makes hair look sleeker and less frizzy.

  • Avoid drying your hair with a towel. Let your hair set in the towel for 10 minutes instead, then take the towel off. Use a hand towel to squeeze the hair up from the ends to the roots.

  • Don’t frequently touch your hair.

  • Don’t use fine-tooth combs and brushes.

  • Don’t use styling products with high alcohol content or shampoos with sulfates.

  • Don’t skip haircuts. Have it trimmed regularly. Split ends are a big factor in frizz problems.

  • Don’t let your hairstylist use a razor to layer your hair. Although layering is good, razors contribute to split ends.

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comments so far
Posted June 30, 2014
I just did my big chop and now I know what to look forward to thank you
Posted March 05, 2013
I've heard if you take a dryer sheet to it it gets the frizzeys out.
Posted February 17, 2013
I don't blow dry may hair but ill try it.. thanx :)
Posted October 09, 2012
Every time I wash my hair, it gets all curly and frizzy even though Im chinese. i just hate it so i always blow dry it but then the next morning, sometimes it gets curly again and i hate dat. thanks to this advice im gonna try it.
Posted August 23, 2012
perfect! I do so many things wrong
Posted August 20, 2012
i LOVE to curl my hair, but the bad thing is is that my hair will get super frizzy after a few hours. But hopefully these ideas will work:-)
Posted August 05, 2012
i have so frizzy hair that when i go and get my hair cut they thin it out some and when they do im sheding like a dog
Posted August 05, 2012
what i do is when u talk a shower one day u use both shampoo and conditioner, then the next day just use the conditioner but leave it in till u r about to get out of the shower it befently has worked for me if u have striny hair in the summer so i hope it works for u and thx for all the advice on here.:)
Posted July 21, 2012
I have naturally curly hair, but honestly, it's mostly frizz! thanks, I'll try these with my next shower! :)
Posted August 06, 2012
I have frizzy hair, and the best product I use is Nexxus Frizz Defy Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair Oil, Hair Spray and Styling Creme! It works awesomely! I totally recommend it for the frizzy haired girls :)
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