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Added May 26, 2014

Friendship Advice

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You've tried for monthsand finally you've earned an invitation to the right lunch table. You're sure to be included on the weekend party your friends have planned. Your social life is finally coming together, and now your parents are trying to stop it!


You don't understandyour parents hate your friends. Here's some friendship advice.


Most parents tend to give friendship advice about letting their kids pick their friends, and they like the friends their kids choose. To figure out why your parents have a problem with your friends, you may need to look at the things you do at home.


Friendship AdviceYO, what?

Are you suddenly speaking a new language? Slang words have changed since you parents were young. They probably have no idea what you mean when you say "flip, chill, what up?"


Friendship AdviceCostume party

Did your wardrobe change overnight? While you think you're keeping up with the latest trends, a sudden change in style may be a sign to your parents that you are no longer thinking for yourself.


Friendship AdviceClique diva

You're hanging out with a totally new crowd. Not only are your old friends no longer around, your mother can hear you trashing them over the phone. Your parents probably think you're trying too hard to be accepted.


Friendship AdviceDucking responsibility

You started blowing off your baby-sitting jobs or chores around the house to spend time at the mall. The message to the parents could be that you're too cool to be dependable.


Friendship AdviceBad behavior

You've become a total monster at home: you ignore your curfew or are impossible to deal with. Your friends all smell like cigarettes. One new friend got picked up for shoplifting. Your parents are worried that you're involved in all the things they spent years warning you about.


How can you live with your parents and keep your friends? The key to dealing with your parents and still have a life is compromise.


Friendship AdviceBe understood at home

Talk to your parents in a way that they can understand you, and to your friends in whatever way you want. Your parents will feel better knowing that you have enough verbal skills to get a job someday.


Friendship AdvicePick your battles

You and your friends want to look in, but the latest trends aren't always cheap or healthy. Figure out what your parents might agree to and what they'll nix right away. They probably won't let you spend $200 for shoes or pierce your tongue. They might let you use the pink hair rinse. Plan to ask for things that make it easier for them to say yes.


Friendship AdviceBe kind

Friendships change overtime, and your parents know this. You don't have to hang with your old friends. But there's no reason to say bad things about them. Don't gossip or spread rumors. Your parents will like your new friends better if they know that your popularity isn't at someone else's expense.


Friendship AdviceBe aware of your behavior

You know it's wrong to blow off something you should do, or stay out past your curfew to hang with friends. You realize that a temper tantrum is out of line when your parents say you can't go somewhere. You also know that getting talked into using cigarettes, drugs, alcohol, or stealing is against the rules. Don't hang with the troublemakers. People who want you to break the rules or the law aren't really your friends.


Friendship AdviceHang at your house

Ask your mom to stock some extra junk food and encourage your friends to come over when your parents are home. Between your negotiating skills and their getting to know your friends, your parents should start liking them better.

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Posted July 08, 2012
i like this someone in my family needs it
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