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Added June 02, 2014

4 Tips for How to Be a Good Friend

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Friends are an important part of your life — it’s fun to spend time with people who share the same interests as you. Whether you are just hanging out, sharing clothes, talking about boys or watching movies, it’s important to always try to be a good friend. But sometimes accidents happen — you might have to change plans last minute, or you return a borrowed T-shirt with a new stain you couldn’t get out.


Sometimes these accidents can really hurt your friends and your relationship with them. To avoid future accidents and grow closer to your besties, follow our four tips for how to be a good friend.


1. Be Respectful of Her Things
There’s a pretty good chance that you and your BFF like the same things and share the same style. But always remember that it’s proper friend etiquette to ask your friend if it’s OK to borrow something from her. If she agrees to let you borrow something, return it soon after you use it and in the condition in which you received it. If you wear your friend's shirt, wash or dry-clean it. If something breaks, repair or replace it. If it's irreplaceable, be honest about what happened and do your best to find something you can offer in return. This will help your friend trust you in the future.


2. Show Your Gratitude
If your friend does something nice for you, always make sure she knows how much you appreciate it. It’s important for your friends to know you are thankful for them, even if what they did for you seems small. You might not even be able to see the good things they do for you. Maybe they were there for you when you got in a fight with your parents, or they made you smile on a day when you needed it the most. Be sure they know you are grateful — even for the little things.


3. Return the Favor
Make sure you let your friend know you’re perfectly willing to loan something out to her if she lets you borrow something of hers. If your friend has helped you through a difficult time, make sure she knows you will always be there for her, too. That’s just a part of being a good friend. All relationships are give and take — you don’t want to be the one who just takes.


4. Be Honest
Did you spill a secret? Or lie to your friend? The best way to build a trusting friendship is to tell your friend the truth. If something happened to your friend’s necklace when she let you borrow it, just be honest with her. Lying or passing off blame only leads to more mistrust between you and your friend. Do your best to explain the situation and why it happened — if you’re really friends, she’ll understand.


Being a good friend can take some work, but it’s worth it. These four tips should help you make your friendships stronger than ever.


Do you have questions about being a good friend? Ask us on Facebook. And be sure to share this article with your friends using #BGgoodfriend.

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Toot toot
Toot toot
Posted June 23, 2014
Well for some reason my friends were pretending to be my friend . I was nice to them I never did any thing to hurt them but let them be
Posted January 07, 2014
I probably won't let a friends borrow money unless it's for lunch money because she forgot or something like that. If it was just for a shirt she wanted, I wouldn't do it.
queen supreme
queen supreme
Posted August 20, 2011
Once in 4th grade me and my friend Amber switched shoes because I liked her penny loafers and then another time in 7th grade me and my friend nai nai switched shoes becasue I wanted to wear her flats. They were so cute:) Ah those days were young and innocent:)
Posted November 18, 2011
I find it kind of odd to borrow something that belongs to my friends, especially if it's clothes, no offense to you girls who do, but I just think that it's a bit gross. I don't know why... I just don't believe in it.
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