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Added April 23, 2014

UnCool: The Book About Fitting in at School

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Maybe you aren't great at fitting in at school (whatever that means). Maybe you can count your friends on one hand. Maybe the people you do hang out with are more "out" than "in." So?


It's cool to be uncool. All it means is that you don't fit the mold. You don't adhere to the status quo. You're unique, quirky, interesting. Different.


Maybe you like to read poetry, make art, or build weird stuff that flies. Maybe you're a budding fashion designer or bass player or marine biologist. Maybe you're still figuring out exactly who you are and who you want to be. But you know this: You'd rather be considered a little bit of a misfit than exactly like everyone else fitting in at school. Still, there's no denying that not fitting in at school can sometimes be a real pain in the neck. Choosing to be authentically you, quirks and all, isn't always the prettiest or simplest path. That's where the book, Uncool, comes in handy.


With Uncool, you'll ponder the social world around you, learn the all-important Rules of Misfitness, and gain a better understanding of your arch nemesis. You'll also get pointers on how to refine your fashion aesthetic and how to handle frenemies. You'll learn to align yourself with fellow free thinkers and how to figure out where you feel comfortable fitting in at school.


You'll be guided through the sucky parts of being socially on the fringe, and find out how great it is to be awesomely, independently, absolutely yourself. Along the way, you might even realize you're more uncool than you thought. Which, of course, only makes you that much cooler. Here's an example of the tips and tricks you'll learn to about fitting in at school:


A few of The Unrules

  • Be kind to your fellow misfits.
  • Believe that black is a color suitable for any occasion, worthy even of being added to the rainbow.
  • Think. Be. Think and be different.
  • Throw caution to the wind. Take chances with fashion, hobbies, hopes, and dreams.
  • Be okay with wearing things that your mother, grandmother, or old neighbor thinks are ugly.
  • Don't be afraid to look weird.
  • Write a blog. Make a documentary film. Publish a magazine. Learn the accordion. Build a radio-controlled blimp. Express your individuality in a healthy, creative way.


Of course, it goes without saying that the only real hard and fast rule of not fitting in at school is that there are no real hard and fast rules of misfitness. In other words, as a misfit you're free to chuck what you like. You can toss this entire list and make up your own. Or just weed through it, adding and editing as you please. For more, check out Uncool.

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comments so far
Posted August 25, 2014
Theres this girl at my school and shes going to go to the same high school as me! I cant imagine 4 more years with year! Shes so mean to everybody and shes made me cry myself to sleep daily since 4th grade. Im now in 7th grade. Shes rly popular and has a lot of friends and itsbegan to stop me from doing things I like such as gymnastics and swim team. We go to the same gym at the same time on the same day and im afraid of going to the pool because she lives close to me and if i run into her and her minions she might ask me why i dont have any friends... i would never tell her tht it was becauss of her D: how do i fix this this 8th grade school year
maritza diaz
maritza diaz
Posted August 02, 2014
To be honest just be your self your here n was born here for a reason nobody isn't you only you are God made you to be yourself not to be anybody
Posted June 09, 2014
I hate bullies! I got bullied before in third grade, a long time ago. Because now I'm 18 years old. I still remember. And it was a huge boy who always seemed to bother me and told me bad words all the time. Just so you know, he didn't like me. I didn't like him either. It's not that I want revenge or anything. I just want to share this story to others. Anyway, I always ignored him and never hitted him back. Well, he did hit me. So I decided to stand up for myself, I decided to tell my mom about it. She quickly went to the school and told the teacher I was with about it.
Posted June 07, 2014
I have brain conditions that make me socially weird and make me have a accent. I never was popular and it didn't help having my last name be Thomas . Everyone made fun of me but then I stared hanging out with this girl who no one talked to and now we are fake sisters. Be unique and who you are. And always stand up for your self and others.
Posted July 29, 2014
I just welcome the people that are casually creepy and crazy people with open arms and an open mind because it's really really wrong to judge others especially before you get to know them. Soo yea everyone have issues not all of us embrace it.
Toot toot
Toot toot
Posted June 30, 2014
For some reason emos creep me out because I think there being like the devil
Posted August 22, 2013
I am kinda friends with everyone.... except drama makers... they make afraid of them so every one thinks their popular- same here i hung out with them too.. and they told me they wanted to stay out of drama and i hope they stick to that cuz me and the most popular girl (aka marissa)and me used to be bffs in like k-1 and a half. i miss the old her. and i dont need all thet drama stress going into middle school.
Posted June 07, 2014
I don't care what other people think of me, I just often ignore them. By ignoring them, they'll probably stop. I don't answer back or hit them, I just politely ask them to stop. Fighting is, just, not the solution.
Posted March 01, 2014
When I was in high school I thought hanging out with the cool girls was going to be awesome. That changed in a hurry. They thought smoking and doing drugs was the coolest thing ever. I did not do any of that. In order to fit in with them I needed to wear clothes that showed a little to much of my body and I needed to wear a lot of make up. I let them decide how I was going to look and after a while I got tired of them. I met this awesome girl that no one hung out with and we became best friends. So what I'm trying to say is don't get thrown into something you didn't ask for. Or bullied because your not wearing the latest fashion trend. All girls should be treated with Respect and we should love our bodies.
Posted September 03, 2013
Honestly, I hate people who bully and are "super sassy." i like people who are nice, kind and dont bully people. One day a new student came in. Ppl kept saying that he was "so not cool" and some girls were saying he was "really ugly." I really dont pay attention to that. Im so not that kind of person... Whenever I hear that stuff, I feel super uncomfortable and sorry for the people who are bullied. One friend called the "ugly" kid. He said, "HEY STUPID!" and the other id said, "why are you calling me stupid?" I feel so sorry.. :'(
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