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Body Hair Removal

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Added May 26, 2014

First Time Shaving Tips

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Hitting puberty can be compared to taking a class by yourself with no teacher, no textbook and no schedule. Then again, you have grownups, older siblings and your BFFsnot to mention your friends here at BGto give you the info and support you need, so you never have to feel alone or uninformed especially during your first time shaving!


One test you'll face pretty early on is body hair: hairy legs, hairy pits, and bikini spiders (the hair "down there" that sticks out of your swimsuit), for starters. Just print out this handy list, grab your BFF, and head to the store before your first time shaving.



1. SHAVE GEL: Prepare your skin

Shaving takes off layers of old skin along with your leg hair, so it's important to keep your legs moist to avoid cuts, burns, or nicks. Shave gel keeps your legs soft and silky, and with loads of scents and textures to choose from, you can have fun trying them all and seeing what you like best. Some girls pick a fragrance and make it their signature scent. Others change scents and textures with the seasons. Still others keep a few on hand to suit their moods. If you're shopping with a friend, pick out your faves together and trade to maximize your options.


Choosing a shave gel is as easy as picking your favorite fragrance and giving your skin what it needs. There are special gels for dry skin, sensitive skin, and skin that needs a little TLC. For first time shaving, try the fabulous aromatherapy line from Satin Care by Gillette, and decide whether you want to feel fun and fruity, cool and breezy, fresh and clean, or relaxed and dreamy. No matter which scent you choose, using a shave gel will help you care for your skin and keep it radiant and smooth with every shave.


2. Pick a razor, (not just any) razor: A REFILLABLE RAZOR

For soft, silky legs, not just any razor will do. Just say "no" to unisex or men's razors, which don't hug the curves and contours of your body. Disposables are okay for on-the-go shaves and travel, but at home, refillable razors rock. The no-slip grip on the handles is super helpful in a slippery tub or shower, and you're doing your part for Mother Nature by throwing out only the head, not the whole razor. Most refillables come with a shower organizer for convenient and easy access. There are lots of different styles to choose from, depending on what you're looking for.


Extra smooth: New Gillette Venus Embrace features five blades and a protective ribbon of moisture for super silky-smooth skin.


Extra quick: Gillette Venus Breeze razors have shave gel built right in for a quick, no-mess shave.


Extra comfortable: Gillette Venus Divine has three moisture strips for lubricating your skin and a special pivoting head to get around tricky curves.


Extra convenient: the original Venus gives a close, comfy shave and has an indicator strip telling you when it's time to change your blade.


3. Plan ahead: REFILLS

Once you choose your razor for first time shaving, grab a refill pack or two so you'll always have a backup stash. Never shave with a dull or damaged blade. You're better off wearing long pants than risking cuts or razor burn, but even better, keep a stash of extra blades on hand so you'll always be free to bare your legs when the situation calls for it. Venus razors come with shower organizers that store extra refills so you're never without a fresh blade.


4. Seal the deal: MOISTURIZER

Hydrate your skin and lock in moisture after a shave. That extra layer seals and protects your skin, keeping it healthy, shiny and beautiful. For first time shaving choose a body moisturizer, like Olay® Quench, that goes on easily, smells good, and feels great on your skin. Use it after a shave or all over after a shower or bath, and say goodbye to itchy dry patches and blotchy skin. It's good to choose a moisturizer based on the season: you can get UV protection with soothing aloe for summer sun or extra rich moisture for fighting winter dryness.


Bottom line: Shaving doesn't have to be about just removing unwanted body hair. It can be an opportunity to pamper yourself, take care of your skin, and look and feel great!

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comments so far
Posted August 25, 2014
I'm not aloud to shave ANY area until I move out forever. I'm 13.
Posted August 12, 2014
Is it weird/bad that I'm going to be a freshmen and haven't shaved my legs. I have talked to my parents but they said until I turn 15. What am I going to do to escape the embarrassment in the mean time???;(
Posted November 20, 2013
So I haven't shaved in a few months and my legs got super hairy and I wanted to get them waxed just to try it out but my mom wouldn't let me so I shaved them this morning and now I have dolphin legs!!! :D
Posted July 29, 2014
I just got a Venus Olay shaver and it is amazing it washes and moisturizes too! :) I am a first time shaver lol ^*^
Posted November 28, 2012
hi! a way you can tell your mom that you are ready to shave is by sending her an email. She will be the only one who sees it. That is what I did. Hope it helps :)
Posted July 27, 2012
My mom wont let shave but my legs are so hairy! how do i convince her i need to start shaving?
Posted February 08, 2012
this was very informational. It helped me with knowing whut I should get, and not get.. ;D
Posted March 20, 2012
MOD MOD! How do I ask to use Veet? Mom won't let me shave.
Posted May 06, 2012
I wonder why they dont have info on waxing cause i wax
Posted March 05, 2012
when I first started shaving I was embarresed!!! I left my mom a note on her cleaning stuff and she bought me a rasor. She never mentioned it she just put it under my bed and I found it the next day
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