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Going to the Gynecologist

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Added August 01, 2013

First Pelvic Exam

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After you and the doctor have asked all the questions you want, the doctor or nurse will take you to an examining room. He or she will ask you to undress and put on a gown, then probably leave while you're undressing. Find out if they'll need a urine sample. If not, make sure it's okay for you to go to the bathroom. With a full bladder, it's harder for the doctor to feel your pelvic organs. And it's not as comfortable for you.


A few other tips for your first pelvic exam: 

  • Unless you're told something else, take everything off—bra and underwear, too. But most doctors let you keep your socks on!
  • When you put on the robe, remember—it opens in the front.
  • Just sit at the edge of the table and relax.


Once you get changed, the doctor or nurse will come back in and check your weight and blood pressure. Then the doctor may listen to your heart and lungs, and examine your thyroid (in the neck area) and abdomen (belly).


Visual inspection for your first pelvic exam

During the exam, you'll be lying on your back with your butt at the very end of the table and your heels resting in metal supports called stirrups. The doctor sits at the end of the examination table so that he or she can examine your external and some internal organs. The doctor will wear plastic gloves during all parts of the examination.


This is the part of the exam that can feel awkward and embarrassing. There are a few things that you can do to make it easier: 

  • Ask your doctor to tell you what she or he will be doing next so you know what to expect. Sometimes just talking a little bit makes the situation more comfortable.
  • Take deep breaths and try to relax. (If you're relaxed, chances are the muscles in your pelvic area will be loose and relaxed, too.)
  • If you're embarrassed, tell the doctor. Sometimes just saying it out loud makes you feel better. (You could just say, "This feels so weird.")
  • Ask for a pillow if your head is uncomfortable.
  • Interested in your own biology? Ask for a mirror so you can watch as the doctor examines the vulva. You can even look into your vagina during the next part the speculum exam.

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comments so far
Posted July 24, 2014
My mom and I talked to my doctor about this. . he said unless I have an issue, or concerns, I shouldn't need to have this particular exam done until I'm sexually active.
Posted November 23, 2012
Yeah I know not looking forward to this.... I would want a female thankfully all my doctors right now are female. And I don't think I would want my mom in there with me.
Posted August 12, 2012
when i went to the doctor a year ago (i hadn't started my period yet) and the doctor wanted to check ! >.< i kind of said noooo.... but my mom and doctor made me. so she looked down there. and then she did a breast exam. god it was uncomfortable with my mom and sister in the room i wanted to cry. i hope i never have to have a pap test (when they actually go in there) o.O
Posted December 22, 2011
when do i have to get one of these i hope not soon i havent even started my period yet but i know that i will soon (i hope) and i really will feel like i am being touched inappropriatly but really im not and when i do have to get one of thses i am SO going to a GIRL doc NO GUY IS DOING THAT TO ME AT THIS AGE !!!!
Posted December 22, 2011
i dont think your allowed to get one until your 21 though i have a while to go haha im only 13
Posted June 18, 2012
do all girls have to have a pelvic exam
Posted December 22, 2011
ya know that will be so weird when i have to get my first pelvic exam! it will feel awkward having someone shove their fingers up my private parts! :o
Posted November 11, 2011
wow! hope i don't get one uggghhhh
Posted July 06, 2011
I heard that it hurts when they examen you there. Does everyone have to get one?
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