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Added August 01, 2013

First Date Advice

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You've been scoping him out for weeks, maybe months. You practiced talking to him in front of your mirror, finding the absolute perfect way to say, "Hey, I'm Melissa..." When you finally had the guts to actually speak to him face-to-face, he asked you out! Eek! Here is some first date advice to guide you.

First Date AdvicePreparation

Preparing for a first date evokes a lot of feelings: stress, anxiety, but most of all, excitement! It could take a few days to prepare, so if a guy asks you out on Thursday for a date on Friday, say, "I'm sorry, but I already have plans. Maybe next weekend?" It's not only about preparation, but he needs to understand that you have a life and you can't drop everything to hang out with him.

First Date AdviceWaxing and Plucking

Anything that needs to be waxed should be done so two or three days before. The same goes for plucking. If you wait until the big night to start tweezin' your eyebrows, you risk having big red stripes above your eyes.

First Date AdviceMakeup

If you're not the most makeup-capable person, test it out first. Most importantly, don't overdo it. You can even personalize your makeup color choices according to eye color and skin tone.


First Date AdviceOutfit

The day before your date, try out a few outfits from your closet and try to choose one that you like. Don't pick anything confusing or too busy because you want to feel comfortable and not have to think about straps falling or strapless bras heading south! Dress appropriately for your date. If you're going to a nice restaurant, don't wear jeans. Jeans are a good choice for a batting cage or mini golf. If you're going to the movies, bring a sweater, as they often get a bit chilly.

First Date AdvicePlans

Call your guy the day before to nail down plans. He SHOULD have plans! If he doesn't, suggest something. Make sure you know exactly what time he'll pick you up or when you'll meet him.

First Date AdviceEssentials

Pack your purse! If you have your period, make sure you pack Tampax tampons and/or Always pads and pantiliners. Tampax Compak come in the usual absorbencies, but are discreet enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Always Ultra Thin are small enough to fit unnoticed in the zip compartment of your cutest handbag. It's better to be prepared than have a totally embarrassing accident! You might be a bit nervous and start sweating. Get a travel-size deodorant, and put it in your bag so you can do touchups in the bathroom. Check out to choose a clear deodorant, so you don't get any embarrassing marks on your shirt. Throw in some money (about $4050), your cell or quarters, a compact to do some mid-date touchups, and you're set!

First Date AdviceDay of Date

The day of the date, take a nice, relaxing bath. The steam from the bath will make your skin glow. Shave the appropriate parts and don't forget deodorant! Secret also makes great body sprays that will make you smell absolutely delicious!

First Date AdviceNotify

Tell your parents or your roommate your plans so they'll know when to expect you home. If your parents insist you check in at some point during the date, do it! You don't have to be embarrassed by telling your date that you have to call the 'rentsjust excuse yourself from the table and call from your cell in the bathroom.

First Date AdviceMost Importantly

When you're on the date, relax and be yourself! Don't put on a show or feel like you have to make yourself seem more interesting or exciting than you really are. He asked you out because he likes YOU! Don't let him initiate every conversation. Ask him questions about what he does for fun, about his job, about his schoolwhatever! Just have fun and use all of this first date advice!

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Kimberly Reyes333
Kimberly Reyes333
Posted July 24, 2014
I'm so scared I'm having my first date in a while what should I do
Posted January 02, 2014
There's this guy that asked me out, but I don't know what to say. I like him but I have a feeling he just wants a girlfriend, and doesn't really like me back.
Posted July 12, 2012
I am 14, my mo won't let me have a boyfriend until I'm mature enough (which I'm more mature than all the other girls in my class). But, this is helpful advice for when I do go on my first date :)
Posted November 09, 2013
My bf really wants to kiss me but im nervous because it would be my first kiss I want to kiss him what should I do? By the way im in seventh grade!!
Posted August 04, 2012
My mom is too scared to let me date. Sometime s I think she is a little too over protective. I mean I'm 14 for crying out loud. But now I know exactly what to do thnk god for this wrbsite
Posted November 04, 2012
effortlesslylovely14 Im in the same situation! And I have 2 younger sisters who its fine for them to hang with boys my sister is 12 and next weekend might go out with a "friend" who is a boy but i flat out sked my mom can i date and she said no errg
Posted April 07, 2012
I am 13 and want to go at least on a double date but my mom is like nooo!!! You are too young. How can I get her to let me and one of my friends and him and a few of his friends to go on a (date)?
Posted April 07, 2012
chocolatemocha if you are like me you naturally act like a dork. What is wrong with that. Just be YOU!!!
Posted February 17, 2012
I cant tell my crush i like him cause im pretty convinced he likes this other girl :(
Posted July 01, 2012
Kat: I know convincing the parents is one of the most difficult parts of dating you could try and go in a large group setting with more than two couples or try and show her you are responsible and tell her to trust you. Hope this helps :)
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