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Added April 10, 2014

How to Pick Out Your Perfect Perfume

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Perfume can be fun and glamorous while reflecting your personal style. You just have to find the one you love! You can make it your signature scent — the one everyone knows you wear. It doesn't matter if you're enchanted by the scent of oriental fruits or roses, jasmine or vanilla, grapefruit or musk, it's guaranteed there is a perfume out there that’s perfect as your signature scent.


Here are some helpful tips for finding and wearing the right perfume for you.


  • There are different strengths of scent depending on the concentration of the oils. This also affects the cost of the product. There's perfume, eau de parfum, eau de toilette, eau de cologne, and body spray. Perfume is the most concentrated and will cost the most, while body spray is the least and will be a great value.

  • While trying to find a new perfume, it can be difficult to smell new scents. A coffee bean under your nose will clear out your sense of smell. That’s why you’ll find that many perfume counters have coffee beans available in jars nearby.

  • Fragrances smell different on different people. We have different natural body scent, diets and skin types. Body chemistry can change the scent drastically. Try on the scent you like and take some time to see how it works with your chemistry before you make your purchase.

  • Apply a scent to pulse points only, where your skin is warmest, holding the perfume bottle at arm's length.

  • Figure out how much you need to apply. Experts suggest that three sprays of eau de parfum or five sprays of eau de toilette should be just enough. Spray enough so that people know you're there, but not so much that people know you're coming.

  • If you want to keep your perfume extra light, spray a cloud in front of you and then walk through it. There'll be a gentle mist of scent all over your body rather than being concentrated in one or two spots.

  • Do not apply perfume behind the ears. The sebaceous glands are located there, and there's a danger your scent might go over the top.

  • Another great way to scent your skin lightly is a scented body lotion. They’re inexpensive so you can have several options.


Just remember: Don’t go overboard with applying too much or you’ll be known as the girl you can smell a mile away!

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comments so far
Posted September 02, 2012
maybe i will wear a perfume :D
Your Local Veg Head
Your Local Veg Head
Posted March 03, 2012
Keszi Daun
Keszi Daun
Posted October 16, 2011
i usually purchase from bath and body works , i get secret wonderland ! awesome
Posted January 05, 2012
My perfume is really heavilly scented, but I only have one. Please help me!
Posted February 12, 2012
I have also heard that if you can't smell perfume on you any more after 10 minutes, then your body accepts that perfume and it smells good on you. It seems to have worked with me! :P
Posted January 25, 2012
if you dont want to spend a ton of money,you can get these small bottles of Bodycology "fragrance mist" for only a couple dollars. its what i get and even though theyre cheap they smell pretty good :)
Posted July 14, 2011
Anyone can find a great perfumee! Try bath and body works, they have a lot of scents that can go along with anyones personality:)
Posted August 22, 2011
@L.tangg I totally agree with you! OMG! I absolutely adore Bath & Body Works! :) BTW, it is a little expensive. :/
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