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Added August 01, 2013

Finding The One

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Every February the whole stressful boy-girl thing looms large. Maybe you wouldn't be obsessed with the love/romance situation so much if the cupids and hearts of Valentine's Day weren't wallpapering your world. Maybe there's a guy in school who you like a lot, but you haven't a clue if he even knows your name. Then again, maybe you're not 100% sure if you're even ready to find the one. Ugh, life can be so complicated, especially when finding the one. When will it be your turn to find your soul mate? And how are you supposed to recognize if he's the one?


Every advertisement enticing you to buy chocolate seems to bang home the point that there is only one person in the world who has been created just for you—you just have to go about finding the one. Well, we're here to say that that's simply NOT TRUE! There was a movie a few years ago called Somewhere in Time which suggested that somewhere in the universe, somewhere in time, either in a past life or in a future life, there exists the perfect match, the perfect love, the perfect soul mate for each of us. Romantic as that sounds about finding the one, all you have to do is look around at your parents and your friend's parents. Have they changed with the years? Chances are the person you fall in love with today and think you want to spend the rest of your life with will not be exactly the same choice you'd make in twenty years.


The fantasy that there is only one true love out there puts more importance on finding the one than on being committed to working on a relationship. While finding someone you truly love is obviously very important, the success of any relationship is based on communication and listening to each other. Finding the one doesn't mean you're going to live happily ever after. Mr. Right also has to be committed to the idea that relationships require work, and he has to be willing to listen and change as the relationship changes.


You may not believe this, but it's true: there are lots and lots of princes out there who are right for you. You might have to go through a few dozen frogs before you come close to finding the one, but don't worry. You have many years to sort out the frogs from the princes. Between your teen years and adulthood, your needs will change. Right now, your Mr. Right might be a guy who is cute, athletic, popular, and funny. What kind of career he will have, what kind of income he will earn, what kind of father he will be, or even what part of the country he might want to live in are not issues that concern you. But they will. Your needs are going to change and some of the things that make you happy and feel loved are going to change, too. So relax and take heart. And look forward to all the experiences of feeling in love that the future will bring before you settle down!

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Posted June 16, 2014
I don't understand how you can find your perfect match out of millions and millions of people in your life time. Even if your match is close to you (such as in the same school), you might be dating the popular guy when your true match is not so "popular" and you don't bother to get to know the one that isn't popular.
Posted October 09, 2012
My bf tristan is AMAZING!! Hes really smart sweet funny and protective. And he loves me the way i am instead of changing me.. THATS THE KIND OF GUY WE ALL NEED!!
Posted April 07, 2012
im like my best friends boyfriend my friends crush and i love a guy who loves another girl :(
Posted June 30, 2012
Okay, so I really really REALLY like this guy at my school and we were good friends from fifth grade until now (freshman year of high school), and in classes he seems like he's always trying to get me to smile when I'm down (or when I'm up!), and he's the only one that can. We should be dating by now, but he already has a girlfriend. Advice?
Posted September 30, 2011
I think love is a very beautiful thing and i cant wait to find my true love or sole mate i know it will be complicated,but once you work through the problem that you're having you will truly see how beautiful it can get.
Posted March 20, 2012
Love is one of the best things in this world. And I cant wait until I find a really really good bf, and I am excited about sharing my life with someone one day. <3
Posted May 26, 2011
why is it so hard to find the one?
Posted June 01, 2011
becuz no 1 is perfect
Posted July 23, 2011
Why does love have to difficult?
Posted September 08, 2011
Love is complicated, but what fun would there be in it if it wasn't!
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See what other girls are asking about relationships
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