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Added August 01, 2013

Fibroadenoma Lump

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What is a fibroadenoma lump?


Fibroadenoma is a kind of lump that's most common in teens and women in their 20s. It's just an enlargement of a normal breast lobule. These lumps have all sorts of shapes and sizesas small as a pea or larger than a lemon.


How do you treat a fibroadenoma lump?


Often, a fibroadenoma lump just shrinks or even disappears with no treatment, but never wait for any unusual lump to go away on its own. See your doctor. She or he will probably order some tests like an ultrasound scan or maybe a mammogram.


Sometimes a fine-needle aspiration is done and the cells are examined under a microscope. If it is a fibroadenoma lump, your doctor will discuss your options. Most likely, you will be asked to return in six months. If the fibroadenoma persists, it can be removed surgically. But if it's really big, it could affect the "look" of your breast, so be sure you hear all sides of the story before proceeding with surgery.


Luckily, women who get a fibroadenoma lump usually never get another one.

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