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My Body & Wellness

Going to the Gynecologist

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Added August 01, 2013

Why Get a Female Pelvic Exam?

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Usually a female pelvic exam is a routine visit. But here are some reasons why a teen or woman should have her first female pelvic exam: 

  • You're 18 and have never had a female pelvic exam
  • You're 16 and haven't had your first period
  • You're having a problemlike painful periods or PMS
  • You've been having periods for 1 or 2 years, but still aren't seeing regular patterns
  • You have irregular periods or have missed more than three periods
  • You have vaginal itching, redness, sores, swelling, or unusual odor
  • You have abnormal dischargethis is any vaginal discharge that differs in consistency, color, or quantity from what you normally see
  • Your flow is really heavy, unusual, or lasts more than 7 days (you have unusually heavy flow if you go through a super plus tampon or super pad in less than one hour)
  • You have a burning pain when you urinate, or you have to urinate a lot
  • You had an injury to your pelvic area
  • You're sexually active
  • You're thinking about becoming sexually active and need to discuss contraception and safe sex habits
  • You think you're pregnant
  • You think you have been exposed to a sexually-transmitted disease (STD)
  • You have been sexually assaulted

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