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My Relationships


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Added August 04, 2014

Why Mother is Important to Me

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Our friends and family play a large role in who we are today, and who we will be in the future. The biggest influence may come from our family; my mother is mine.


She taught me everything from how to eat healthy and dress myself, to how to react to any situation. She taught me little things like how to tie my shoes and to be polite and respectful to adults.


I would be lost without my mother, I can trust her, and she’s really important to me. Here’s why:


She Listens to Me
My mother is my security blanket. No matter how bad of a day she had, she will always be there to listen to me. I talk to her about everything — even things that aren’t always easy to talk about, like my period.


Even if she's been screamed at by my siblings all day, she will still be eager to hear me squeal over my drama-filled teenage gossip or vent about how overwhelming life can be. She puts up with my mood swings, my constant chatter and my continuous requests — and still manages to keep our home, and everyone in it, in order.


She Calms Me Down
Whenever something becomes too much for me, she is there calming me down — giving me a hug and telling me it’s going to be OK. She can even prevent me from hyperventilating by finding my “lost” textbook (it was, of course, in the open, in the first place I checked).


No matter what the scenario is, my mother always makes me feel better. And she does this all with a smile — even when I forget to say thank you.



She Loves Me Unconditionally
My mother loves me so much that I sometimes get frustrated at her for not letting me make my own decisions (because she already knows I won’t always make the best choice for me).


I'm afraid that one day I will end up screaming at her to leave me alone. I know almost every teenage girl does this, and feels guilty afterward. But it’s just a matter of knowing how to apologize. Her love is unconditional, so she is forgiving.


My mom understands I’m my own person — even if I’ll always be her little girl. And she forgives because she understands that. She’s an adult, and she’s been there. It can be hard to remember sometimes, but it’s something I won’t forget.


She’s a Good Influence
My mother is always encouraging me to reach my full potential. She supports me and always encourages me to go after my dreams. She has taught me what is right and what is wrong, and what I should do when I make a bad decision.


She is always a voice of reason in the back of my head, which helps me get through my bad days and make my good days even better. Most of all, my mother teaches me how to be compassionate and loving.


It’s important to have someone like that in your life; it will help you become the best person you can be. Since our families are there with us from the start, they know everything about us — and they’re the ones who truly help shape our values and personalities.


Maybe you feel this way about your mother, father or guardian. If so, let them know how much you appreciate having them in your life. If you need advice on how to start the conversation, I found a helpful article. You can read it here.

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comments so far
Posted March 30, 2014
This is great essay.Mom's really are special. I love my mom!!!!!
Posted July 20, 2013
i like this article and show the importance of our mom, and in all religions mothers feet is paradise so we listen to our mom and we can go to paradise, but our mom helps us in girly things and problems in our life!!!
Posted August 01, 2011
My mom said this is a great article at the end she said that better get her something for mothers day thx mothers essay you made my mom QUEEN BEE ULTRA!!!!!!!
queen supreme
queen supreme
Posted July 31, 2011
YAY!!!! Second person to answer! WHOO! WHOO! haha this was an awesome article. Everything is so true and inspiring.:)
Posted April 17, 2012
Gosh, I can't even begin to explain how much I love my mother~ ?
Posted July 23, 2011
wow. this is great
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