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Added August 01, 2013

Energy Drink Info

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There's no doubt your schedule is overloaded. Between regular schoolwork, exams, jobs, sports and a busy social life, it's no wonder you’re tired.


That's why an increasing number of teens are turning to coffee and energy drinks to stay focused and awake.


At what price, though?


Why did France, Denmark, Norway and Argentina place a ban on a drink we consume in America regularly? What's the truth and what's the hype? Although that ban has since been lifted, you might want to do some thinking before you go chugging an energy drink or ordering your next large coffee. Read on for some popular myths.


Myth: “Energy drinks are packed with natural ingredients like herbs.”


Truth: The amount of herbs in most energy drinks is so small it doesn't have an impact.


Myth: “Coffee has been shown to be good for health.”


Truth: This is true for plain coffee. Various tests have been conducted and results have showed plain coffee as having health benefits. This doesn’t include different coffee flavored drinks or coffee with added syrups, milk or cream.


Myth: “The ingredients listed on the can include amino acids, tropical plant seeds and B vitamins. All those are good for you.”


Truth: This is partially true. Typical energy drinks do include, guarana (tropical plant seeds), taurine (amino acids), ginseng (plant extracts) and B vitamins but the amount in each energy drink isn’t enough to have a significant effect on your body. The main ingredients in high-energy drinks are caffeine or sugar.


Myth: "What harm can energy drinks or flavored coffees really do?"


Truth: There are many current risks. Doctors are afraid the sugary beverages, consumed regularly, contribute to obesity, sleep disorders, tooth decay, hyperactivity, restlessness, headaches, anxiety, mood disorders, higher blood pressure and possibly ADHD.


Myth: “When my schedule slows down, I'll cut down on my consumption.”


Truth: Although that morning “cup of joe” from your favorite coffee shop could be comforting, it could also develop into a real addiction. It may be difficult to cut down your consumption. Studies have shown that teens are vulnerable to caffeine withdrawal, which causes a person to feel angry and have a problem thinking clearly.


Myth: “High-energy drinks are the same as sports drinks.”


Truth: Sports drinks replace the electrolytes lost in sweat, help hold water in the bloodstream, and help speed rehydration. Caffeine is a diuretic that actually dehydrates you. They are NOT the same.


Myth: “The energy burst lasts for as long as you need it.”


Truth: Energy boosts from caffeine are short-lived. It might last for 45 minutes, but then you come down hard and feel worse than before. Some kids end up drinking more just to prevent that sluggish feeling, leading scientists to worry about dependency and withdrawal symptoms.


Myth: “Energy drinks are just enhanced soda.”


Truth: High-energy drinks have as many as five teaspoons of sugar and three times as much caffeine as soda.


Myth: “Adults drink coffee every day, so what's the big deal if I do?”


Truth: It's important to remember that the adolescent brain is still growing. It is wiring itself up until around age 21. So the choices you make in your youth could affect how your brain develops.


If you’re looking for ways to up your energy without resorting to coffee and energy drinks with caffeine, try eating some nuts, eating an apple, gulping some cold water or taking a power nap. Odds are the reason you’re tired is because you’re not getting enough sleep in the first place, so put down the phone, power down the computer and get to bed!

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Posted October 29, 2012
my friends are all into these monsters and rockstars etc... but when they ask me if i want some i say no. i have to stay healthy for my younger bro incase he needs my kidniy. i cant damage myself with drinks that hurt me.
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