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Added April 23, 2014

Emotionally Abusive Relationships

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"You're such an idiot."


"You're such a cow. Maybe if you lost some weight, I'd like you more."


"Why can't you do anything right?"


These are things you'd never want anyone to say to you. But the truth is thousands of teens around the world are involved in relationships with guys who say these types of thingsand much worseon a daily basis. They're called emotionally abusive relationships, and they include criticism, put-downs, and verbal attacks.


Imagine if a guy came up to you at school and said, "You're so stupid." You would never want to go out with him or talk to him ever again. So why do girls get involved in emotionally abusive relationships?


When it happens

Well, usually emotionally abusive relationships don't start on the first date. More likely, it comes into a relationship later on, when the girl already feels she likes the guy. Then, when the emotional abuse comes out, she tends to think (the guy might tell her) that it's her fault that he has changed his opinion about her. That it's her fault because she's stupid or fat or whatever the accusation is.


Her self-esteem goes down and, as a result, she has an easier time believing all the terrible things the abuser is saying about her. She'll put up with the emotionally abusive relationship. Sometimes the emotional abuse will lead to physical abuse, if the girl doesn't get out of the relationship in time.


Getting help/Getting out

Emotionally abusive relationships are sometimes more difficult to get out of than physically abusive relationships because the signs of harm aren't as visible. Also a girl who's abused often makes excuses for her abuser because she believes what he's saying.


If you're in any emotionally abusive relationships, the most important thing you can do for yourself is get help realizing it's HIS problem, NOT yours. Talk to your parents about it. If you feel that they have had emotionally abusive relationships or you don't feel comfortable talking to them for other reasons, there are lots of other options.


You can talk to a counselor at school or at a woman's center or talk to your doctor in private. It might be one of the most difficult things you can do, but it's an important step in saving your self-esteem, your sanity, and possibly even your life.

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micki mouse roxx8
micki mouse roxx8
Posted July 19, 2012
i also had an emotionally abusive realationship. About 2 years ago, i started dating my bf, David. I thought he was the one but then things started to change... About a year into our realationship, when was around his friends, he would act like he didnt know me and tht he didnt want anything to do with me...i also found out tht he cheated on me with 3 then i broke up with him and hes still a jerk and harrasses me to this day. Girls, dont let a guy ruin ur self esteemh and if u notice him changing then GET URSELF OUTTA IT!! PLZ DNT WAIT UR UR OWN PERSON AND NO1 CAN CHANGE THT!!!!
Posted July 12, 2012
I Berly Came out of an emotional abusive relationship a couple months ago. inside me i still wanted the old nice him back and thought he was gonna come back but he never did. until he left me and we didnt come back together anymore after so many breakups and emotional abuses. the abuse was over 5 months. and it still hurts me now a bit. i stayed scarred and am trying to go back to how i was. how dumb i was to stay and me thinking he'll change.....
Posted July 12, 2012
.....(continued)he cheated and did other stuff and he'll blame me and soon i blamed myself too. now i know he was a fool and it wasnt my fault. the best part of the relationship, that i now realize, was the ending. sadly but true the best part was when it was all over. soon i could dry my own tears. the worst part is make me feel down he'll come back later and say " you know i love you right?" he never did and might never will truly love me and now i understand that. i was just an accessory and a toy he could throw away and pick up again like nothing. now i look at him like a failure. An example of what i dont want anymore in my life. he ruined it for myself and my self esteem and also my trust in guys and thining they'll all end up the same like him....
Posted July 12, 2012
...(continued 2) "Till The EnD" was the lesson chapter in my life. Dean was my emotionally abusive relationship that took me months to be able to get out of it. if only i had seen this article sooner. but now i see it and im an example to all girls out there. You Can Too get Out of the emotionally abusive relationship.
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