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Added April 23, 2014

So Embarrassed: What to Do

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There you are in an embarrassing moment. The world stops. People stare — and maybe laugh! You want to crawl into a hole. You blush or giggle or your mouth becomes completely dry. You might have trouble talking as your face burns, the butterflies begin and your heart pounds. What do you do next? Here are some classic embarrassing scenarios and suggestions for how to deal.


Embarrassing Scenario #1

What Happened: Crash! You trip, fall and drop your tray in the lunchroom splattering food everywhere. It gets all over two girls you don't even know. Three tables clap and cheer.


What To Do: Crack up! Laughter is the best medicine in a humiliating situation. And you know you might laugh, too if you saw someone take a funny spill. Anyone who witnessed your fall knows all too well how you're feeling, and we bet they are more sympathetic than critical. Confidently pick up your tray and offer to grab the girls some napkins for the cleanup.


Embarrassing Scenario #2

What Happened: You write an angry message about how Kara treated you in school and plan to send it to Rebecca. As soon as you click Send, you realize you sent the message to Kara instead. BUSTED. Your face is cherry red.


What to Do: First, take a deep breath. It might seem as if this moment might last forever, but it will pass. Next, think things through. How does your friend feel? Probably pretty hurt. What would you want someone to say to you if the tables were turned? An apology, right? You made a mistake, so you need to apologize and say you are sorry. No one does everything right all the time. If you are sincerely sorry, you will also be forgiven sincerely.


Embarrassing Scenario #3

What Happened: Your tampon falls out of your pocket on the way to the bathroom at school.


What to Do: If possible, make a joke. If you laugh at yourself and act like a good sport, you'll cut the tension immediately. Put things into perspective. This moment will pass and be forgotten by everyone around you. The good news? It will make a great story later.


Just being part of the human race guarantees you will be embarrassed somewhere along the way. Whether you get caught lying or your body malfunctions, giving off bad odors or noises. Sooner or later you will have a toilet-paper-stuck-to-your shoe type incident and others will notice. No matter what happens, everyone experiences embarrassing moments and knows just how it feels. Just remember to put things in perspective, laugh, take it with grace, and you’ll find yourself transformed from an embarrassed girl to a confident woman.

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comments so far
Posted April 01, 2013
A boy at school asked for a pencil so I just gave him my pencil case and told him to get one. It turns out it was the pencil case with tampons in it >o<
Posted March 18, 2013
OMG! Once a boy took my jacket and put it on and he put his hand in the pocket and found one of my tampons in it!!!! He started laughing at me!!!!!
Posted November 23, 2012
I hate embarrising moments. MY period went through my pants the other day in class. luckily nobody saw except one girl and she told everyone else. i put my sweater over my waist.It didnt drip or soaked,but i felt so embarresed.
Posted August 20, 2012
I never really get embarrassed by little things most people in my class of 150 are friendly with me so everyone just laughs at me while I do the same:) I love my friends
micki mouse roxx8
micki mouse roxx8
Posted July 02, 2012
ive had TONS of embarrassing moments and i always laugh them off!!
Posted January 15, 2013
Cheyenne_ToCute don't be ashamed if your pads fall out, I don't know you, but just go with it. if they start laughing or looking at your funny crack a joke like, oh im sorry did you need one of these, or, throw it at them and say I think you dropped something, crack a joke or embarrass them with it instead of letting them embarrass you!
Posted June 27, 2012
Once , My bookbag feel & my pads came out & the boys were looking at me funny !
Posted June 12, 2012
The embarrasing moment when.... Your teacher asks you to get something from her car. You have nooo idea what her car looks like! (btw, 4 classes were outside in portables, so this next part makes more sense.) You see an unlocked car, you open it, and it starts blaring like crazy!!! All of the portable classas come outside to see whats going on, and the principal comes. They are all looking at you! Whoops! You go back to your class, sit in your seat, and the person next to you says,"FAIL." (TRUE STORY! this happened to me!) :D
Posted June 15, 2012
i think that i have had over 1,000 embarrassing moments and every time i have felt like i was a fool, this information should be very helpful for the nxt time i slip up
Posted May 11, 2012
Last year i thought it was clash day and i had the clashest outfit eva! but it turned out to be the next day! i had to walk around all day dressed like that! girls said horrible things and the guys just laughed. I CRYED IN THE BATHROOM STALL 4 ALL LUNCH HOUR!! but now i got over it.
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