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Added April 23, 2014

Don’t Want To Go To College—Now What?

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You've probably heard more than once, "Make sure you get good grades now so you can get into a good college." Most parents push their kids towards college starting at a young age, and in America especially, going to college right after high school is the "norm."


But what if you don't want to go to college?

Seeing your friends pick out colleges can be frustrating if you don't want to go to college yourself. If you don't think you want to go to college, it's important to at least look at the reasons why.


Check out your reasons

Some reasons are understandable and acceptable. Maybe you have a plan that doesn't involve a typical four-year college degree. Maybe you want to study art or music privately with great teachers, go to a fashion or cosmetology school, or explore a technical career. The travel industry only requires a two-year program. Or maybe you don't want to go to college because you're just not quite ready to be serious about school, you want to work for a year to save some money or you want to join the military.


On the other hand, if you don't want to go to college because you're afraidof a new situation and new people, or that you might not do wellthese are lame excuses. Never let fear stop you from moving forward in your life. Other college freshman will have the same social challenges as you do, and the classes won't be that hard if you pay attention and do your work. Don't let college intimidate you. Grab the opportunityyou'll see that you can handle it, and that it's actually a lot of fun.

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comments so far
Posted November 05, 2013
I am going to college/university. I am 100% sure. It might be hard but I have been accepted into some.
Posted January 03, 2013
Im in my senior year of high school and I've already been accepted to the colleges in my state that I've applied. But, to be honest i'm scared of college, It seems like it will be too hard for me and I already suck at english and writing essays so how will I make it pass english classes or classes period. Plus, I don't want to go to college in my hometown, I want to go out of state. However, reading this article has enlightened me and relieved some scared anxiety.
Posted December 30, 2012
I really wasnt going to go to collage because of fear and everyone telling me i cant do it but thanks for this advice it really help i love this site :)
Posted January 08, 2012
I don't wanna go to college,I just don't want to get out of school and have to do even MORE school..if I DO go to college,I'm gonna wait until a year after I've graduated high school.
Posted August 02, 2012
Really I want to get involved in music. I never liked school. I wish I could get my parents to let me got to a performing arts school
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