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Domestic Violence Statistics

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BeingGirl Experts,

I know a girl whose boyfriend hits her. She says it's because she makes him mad. She says her boyfriend thinks she is flirting with other guys or sometimes she says things that make him mad. Why does she make him so mad that he hits her?

Wants to Help


Dear Wants to Help,

Domestic violence is an issue of power and control for the abuser (in this case, her boyfriend). It has nothing to do with the actions of the victim/survivor (in this case, your friend). Violence is a learned behavioral choice for the abuser. Blaming the victim for what occurs is not helpful.

Your friend needs to find a group to help her deal with this relationship. She needs to talk to her parents or a school counselor/teacher. She needs to get out of this abusive relationship. Getting help from a support group, her family or other trusted adults could give her the support she needs to do this.

Remember, your friend is not doing anything to cause this.

Your BeingGirl Experts

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queen supreme
queen supreme
Posted September 18, 2011
oh my gosh! you need to tell someone. the nest time he hit her he could kill her!


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