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Dating Violence

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Dear BeingGirl Experts,

Women and girls are not the only victims of dating violence or sexual assault, and dating violence also happens in same-sex relationships. So why do you only talk about girls?




Dear Sophie,

You are right! There is violence in relationships where boys or men are the victims. However, women and girls are more at risk of becoming victims of dating violence and date rape, and more likely to sustain serious injuries from violence in their relationships. Men have a very important role to play in ending date rape and dating violence by choosing not to abuse their partners, intervening when they see other males abuse their partners or hear them brag about rape, and speaking out about date rape and dating violence. Men can also be victims of date rape and dating violence. They can call help lines created for women to get information and support for themselves. We shouldn't ignore violence against men and boys, but we need to raise awareness that women and girls are more at risk of being victims.


Every one of us can help raise this awareness!


Your BeingGirl Experts

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Posted October 09, 2012
Dear XxAhm_It's_KatxX, your boyfriend is a good guy, because he is concerned about you!
Posted April 14, 2012
but how could a guy suffer from dating violence? i mean, arent they supposed to be the dominant gender? which i dont agree with at all, but why is it always the girls?
queen supreme
queen supreme
Posted October 31, 2011
That is so true beaten boy. i guess they never say anything about the guys becasue they have a reputation to uphold.
Posted November 07, 2011
Roxygirlsurf: No...Remember when you sign up you can choose to be a male or female.
Posted September 13, 2011
Umm.... Are guys aloud on this website??? I THOUGHT it was ONLY for GIRLS........:l
Posted December 04, 2011
My friends always joke about my boyfriend sexually harrasing me or abusing me, and I Know they think it's funny, but he thinks that they're saying that stuff because it's how I feel! So now he always asks me if he hurt me or if he's making me uncomfortable but he isn't and never has. Sometimes I wish my friends would back off of him. They always give him a hard time..


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