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Added August 01, 2013

Dating Ideas For Teenagers

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Dating Ideas for Teenagers

What should we do on Saturday Night? It's a question that teenagers around the world ask. Nowadays, dating ideas for teenagers around the world has become very similar. Global teenagers are interested in meeting guys and having fun.


Dating Ideas for TeenagersWhat to do?

Everywhere dating ideas for teenagers involve the same things: go to movies (Titanic was almost as popular in Japan as the US), eat fast food (The Golden Arches stretch all over), and listen to rock.


Dating Ideas for TeenagersGroup dates

In countries like Kenya, South Korea, and Jamaica dating usually involves going out in groups.


Dating Ideas for TeenagersAge and dating

In London and France, teens start dating as young as 12 or 13. In Sweden, the age is around 15. A Jamaican teen usually waits until 16 or 17 before pairing off.


Dating Ideas for TeenagersGetting around

For U.S. teens, driving is easier and cheaper than in other countries. The driving age in many other countries is 18. In Korea, the driving age is 20. In China, they rarely drive. So how do teens get around on dates? In France, they walk a lot. In London, they take the tube (subway). In Sweden, they get a ride from their parents or older sibling.


Dating Ideas for TeenagersNo dating allowed

In some countries, especially where arranged marriages are common, dating ideas for teenagers are non-existent because teenage girls aren't allowed to date. In a few cultures, teenage boys' first experience with a woman often involves a prostitute!


Dating Ideas for TeenagersWorld-wide weddings

Most adults around the world get married. Who, when, and how people get married has a lot to do with background and culture.


In some countries (India, Iran, and to some extent, Japan) they have arranged marriages: women marry men they've never met, sometimes when they're very young. But it's rare now that the couple never meets at all.


Dating Ideas for TeenagersMatchmaker, Matchmaker

Traditionally in China a "go-between" (the person who makes the deal) does a lot of negotiation to reach an acceptable financial arrangement between the families. Then the families meet, and after that the bride gets to "meet" her husband! This agreement gives the bride to the whole family, not just to the groom.


Today in Japan if a woman is part of an arranged marriage, the family still uses a "go-between," and the process is like selling a car. The family puts together information on the potential bride, and the go-between shows it to potential grooms. If both people are interested, they meet.


Dating Ideas for TeenagersWhen all else fails: love

Most women, especially in the U.S. and Europe, marry someone they love when they're a little older. This is mainly because today women's careers and financial independence have become more important. Even so, a lot of women still bow to cultural traditions for their weddings.


Dating Ideas for TeenagersWorld-wide wedding traditions:

  • Breaking the glass. At the end of a Jewish ceremony, the groom breaks a glass with his foot. The breaking symbolizes the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem and the fragility of life.
  • 1,001 cranes. Hawaiian brides fold 1,001 origami paper cranes before the wedding. The crane symbolizes fortune, longevity, happiness, fidelity, and peace. The bride's folding the cranes represents her patience and determination.
  • The wedding dress. Until the 1900s, women didn't buy a new dress; they just wore their best outfit. Queen Victoria started the tradition by wearing white. In China the bride wears red, a symbol of good luck. Hindu brides drape themselves in jewelry. If the bride doesn't have enough, the family rents more.
  • Smashing good time. Polterabend is a German tradition where, at a large get-together, guests bring old dishes to smash. The smaller the pieces of porcelain and china, the more luck for the couple.
  • The wedding cake. Originally the wedding cake was lots of little wheat cakes broken over the bride's head for luck and fertilityno ice cream involved, thank goodness.

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comments so far
Posted August 13, 2012
im full kenyan all the baby <3
Posted August 08, 2011
I kind of want a dress like Mulan had when they dressed her as a "bride" for the matchmaker when I wed. Or something made of mauve or pastel yellow with lace, silk, and satin. Now white for me. Too...not my style.
Posted July 12, 2011
Notice how they mention nothing about the US! Although, they probably shouldn't (we have the weirdest customs of them all)!
Posted July 16, 2011
Really kids in the US start dating around 12 and 13 like France and London
Posted July 03, 2011
maybe i'll try Kenyas' idea and go out in a group!!!
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