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My Period

PMS & Cramps

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Added August 01, 2013

Menstrual Cramps: The Questions

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What causes menstrual cramps?

Menstrual cramps are like cramps elsewhere in your body. A muscle contracts too hard or too fast, constricting the blood flow and producing pain. In this case, the muscles are in the uterus. Mild cramps could be the result of things other than your period. Good pain-free menstrual health is closely related to good health and a positive mental attitude. The simple health habits of good posture, exercise, adequate diet, regular eliminationall are important in preventing painful menstruation (dysmenorrhea).


Does everybody get cramps?

No! Many girls and women don't feel pain from cramping at all. Some just feel a little discomfort. But a lot of girls do get painful cramps in their stomachs or back area. If that happens to you, talk to your parents, doctor, or school nurse. Moderate exercise, a hot bath, or a heating pad can be comforting. There are also helpful medications you can get at the drug store.


If your mother has bad menstrual cramps, does that mean you'll get them too?

There's no medical reason to believe that a girl will get menstrual cramps just because her mother does. But if you have somehow learned to expect that you will, then your chances of experiencing cramps may be increased. So it's important to realize that menstruation is a normal, healthy, event that doesn't have to include cramps.


Does the use of tampons make menstrual cramps worse?

Many women get menstrual cramps, but there is no evidence that the use of tampons causes cramps or makes them worse. But if you ever experience pain from using a tampon, talk to your doctor or school nurse.


Is exercise good or bad for cramps?

Exercise helps to relieve tension that may cause cramps. It also increases flow of blood to muscles, which can help during your period.


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comments so far
Posted October 27, 2014
I get really bad cramps and have for months.Still no period.But I think I might get it soon so idk what to exspect any awnsers?????
Posted August 06, 2014
i get horriable cramps right before and during my period
Posted October 26, 2013
I always get these horrible cramps that are in my back, stomach, and almost always up and down my legs. It's awful, and I've seriously debated staying home from school if they happen because Advil does nothing. I've had my period for like a year, and I still get cramps almost every time. Ugh.
Posted March 03, 2012
Iff you have discharge you can start wearing pantyliners you dont have to wait till you think your a week away
Posted March 25, 2012
So my friend in gym today was complaining about her cramps. I'm all most a year now and if I do get cramps which was only once I felt like c**p. and now she hates me because I told that I DONT get cramps. Lucky me!!
Posted January 05, 2014
I don't get cramps.... lucky me. But I kinda do feel just a little pain at the bottom of my stomach. I hope it isn't cramps starting!
Posted October 31, 2011
melrose99, i haven't gotten it yet either, but just don't fret, last night i got growing pains, and some serious cramps, but if "it" happens at your school and you aren't perpared, my mom tells me to use toilet paper. but you shouldn't worry about your period coming.
Posted December 04, 2011
this helps cuz yesterday and so far today ive been cramping in my stomach i am now prepared
Posted November 21, 2011
I get them all the time when I have my period. Mine are so bad, that all I want to do is lay up in a ball and cry. But, I can't do that, haha, so I take medication like Midol to help with my cramps.
Xxi love PINK!xX
Xxi love PINK!xX
Posted November 23, 2011
when i get a cramp it feels like my insides are twisting up i take advil when i do get a cramp lolz :D
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