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Added August 01, 2013

Communicate With Parents

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Katie and Steve's families were really good friends and Katie had known Steve for as long as she could remember. They were never really good friends, though, until they started the same high school together. They hung out all the timeas just friends.


The problem was that Katie's parents acted like Katie and Steve were going out. Katie's mom even called it "puppy love." One time, in front of Steve, her dad said to them, "Here come the lovebirds." It was bad enough that her parents were acting this way, but Katie also noticed that they were making her and Steve uncomfortable around each other. It is time to communicate with parents.


It can be tough when your parents treat your guy friend like he's your boyfriend. This probably happens because they're excited for you to experience "puppy love." Maybe they think it's a sign that you're growing up. But if you're in a situation like Katie, why not show your parents that you are growing up by telling them how you feel. Communicating with parents when you don't like the way you're being treated or teased shows maturity, so tell them. They'll be sure to get the message.



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Posted August 03, 2013
Its hard when your parents won't let you date, I've had the experience... but talk to them and ask them why? and what do they think a date is, and if all else fails, you can at least try to date secretly, lol... ;)
Posted July 23, 2013
I'm turning 16 on July 30th and my parents are okay with me dating its just they want me to be happy and not get used like I have these past three times. My mom helps me look for the right guy and she found this guy he was cute he was tall and skinny. We were talking for a few days then we decided it was time to hang out. So he came over to my place and we hung out we talked. Then a few days later we were talking and he says " I love you" I was happy he said that but we barely know each other and it was weird. but we haven't really talked because he said he was moving and I didn't really see the point in dating him because he was moving 8 hours away from me. So my dad talked to him and he stopped talking to me.
Posted July 15, 2013
My Dad won't let me date, I honestly think that my mom wants me to date only thing is that she can't do anything cause she doesn't have custody over me. I think my dad should let me date cause everyone whose in their teens or almost teens in my family dates. also how am i supposed to learn from my mistakes if he doesn't allow me to do anything. Help!!
Posted June 18, 2012
Posted June 11, 2012
What about iff your parents wont let you date...i am 14! not 2
Posted November 28, 2012
mickeykk, I'm not an expert, but maybe you should ask your parents what they mean by date. Maybe they think it means something diferent that you think it does.
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