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Added April 23, 2014

College Alternatives: Be Successful Without School

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Most people would agree that the main value of college is that it teaches us how to think. We've learned life is more interesting and meaningful the more education we acquire. Our brains grow more efficient when we exercise them, so it makes sense that the more opportunities we give ourselves to learn something new, the stronger our brains will become. But does that mean that a four-year college experience is absolutely necessary to be successful rather than college alternatives?


In days gone by, a college education was a luxury, something that made you stand out from the rest of your peers. Today however, there's the feeling that your only college alternatives are a variation of "Do you want fries with that?" While there's no arguing that college graduates earn substantially more money, what many learn in school is that their diploma supplies little more than an essential line on their resumes.


If you are weighing the costs and the time of further education, be aware that there are college alternatives that require training programs and apprenticeships without a four-year commitment. The power to be successful lies upon how passionate you are about what you choose to do. Here are a few career paths leading to good paying jobs that only require college alternatives, with the organizations to contact for further information.


Are you a people person? If you are a good listener, enjoy resolving conflicts, and get pleasure answering the needs of others, perhaps you should consider these college alternatives:

  • Nursing...The American Nurses Association
  • Childcare worker...Healthy Child Care America
  • Physical therapy aide...American Physical Therapy Association
  • Travel agent...American Society of Travel Agents
  • Flight
  • Animal caretaker...Bel-Rea Institute of Animal Technology


Are you a thinker? Do you constantly look for logical answers? Do you enjoy arguing your opinions? If the answer is yes and you pride yourself on working efficiently, consider these college alternatives:

  • Dispensing optician...National Pharmacy Technician Association
  • Pharmacy technician...National Pharmacy Technician Association
  • Mail carrier...United States Postal Service
  • Library technician...Council on Library and Media Technicians
  • Computer support specialist...The High Tech Institute
  • Proofreader...American Copy Editors Society
  • Bookkeeper...American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers
  • Locksmith...The Associated Locksmiths of America
  • Tax preparer...National Tax Training School


Are you a creative soul? Do you have an eye for color and form? Are you good at expressing your emotions? See if any of these college alternatives resonate within.

  • Groundskeeper, flower arranger, nursery worker...American Nursery and Landscape Association
  • Set designer...Interior Design Schools: Set Design
  • Photographer...Professional Photographers of America
  • Graphic designer...American Institute of Graphic Arts
  • Chef...National Restaurant Associations: Careers and Education
  • Jeweler...International Watch and Jewelry Guild
  • Camera/video operator...Society of Camera Operators


Are you adventurous? Do you always look on the bright side, tend to act spontaneously, and react well in emergency situations? Check out the following college alternatives.

  • Fire fighter...International Association of Fire Fighters
  • Court recorder...Criminal Justice Degrees
  • Private detective...World Association of Professional Investigators
  • Police officer...National Association of Police Organizations

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Posted July 09, 2012
this is so good
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