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Added August 01, 2013

Chores For Teenagers

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"I hate when my mom asks me to do chores for teenagers around the house and acts like it's going to be fun," says Lori, as she rolls her eyes. "I'm not Huck Finn. White washing a fence wasn't fun then, and it isn't fun now. Neither is emptying the dishwasher, folding the laundry, or vacuuming."


"I'll do my share of chores for teenagers around the house more willingly," explains Sophie, "if my brother has to do his. Once in a while my mother will ask my brother to clear the table after dinner, but no one gives him a hard time when he quits in the middle to answer the phone. Boys will be boys, I guess they figure. Me, I figure it's not fair."


"I wouldn't mind helping out on chores for teenagers," explains Vicki, "if my parents let me do the job my way. We live in a home, not a hospital. I'm a daughter, not a maid. And I hate the white glove that comes out to check to see if I cut corners in the way I washed the kitchen floor. If my way's not good enough, let them do it themselves."


Let's face it, dust and dirt are four-letter words to everyone. We'd all rather be doing something more fun. We've all heard our parents remind us how hard they had to work when they were doing chores for teenagers. We've all had one or another privilege threatened if we didn't do our part. And we'd all be better off if we could resolve these issues once and for all.


While the statistics uphold what you've known to be truegirls do more of the work around the house (80% of girls do chores for teenagers vs. 60% of boys)so do working moms. Researchers found that 90% of Americans spend almost half their weekends doing chores, leaving them feeling as worn out on Monday morning as they did on Friday night. The question is not whether your parents should expect you to do chores for teenagers, but how you can, with the least number of battles.


It's hard to argue against each member of the family doing his part to keep the place he lives in clean and healthy. There's a sense of pride in completing any task well, even if it's surviving a boring half hour of dusting. If everyone pitches in, there's also the feeling of being connected, of being relied upon. And like it or not, that stuff about chores for teenagers teaching respect and responsibility and developing a work ethic does have some validity.


So if we agree to pitch in, how can we make chores for teenagers as painless as possible? 

  • Ask your parents to make up a list of all the chores for teenagers up for grabs. There'll probably be at least a dozen different tasks. Choose a couple of the least awful. Some of us would rather make the beds than wash the dishes Some would rather take out the garbage than throw in a wash. At least you'll have a choice.
  • Make sure you both agree on what chores for teenagers encompasses. Be specific. Does cleaning the bathroom mean disinfecting the toilet, sink, and tub and washing the floor and shining the mirror? You'll resent it less if you know you're completing the job without being criticized for not doing what you were supposed to.
  • Have a schedule to tell you how often certain things are expected to be done. Make sure everything you need is available and you know where it is. Don't look for a fight by saying you were willing to do chores for teenagers, but you couldn't locate the Brillo®.
  • Negotiate. Ask your parents for the right to take care of your room without having to live up to their expectations of clean and orderly. Then make sure to keep the door closed at all times!
  • Be clear on when the chores for teenagers have to be done. No one wants to be told they can't go to the mall because the laundry's not folded. No one wants to be told to "DO IT NOW." If you have to do something icky, at least make sure it's not during your fav TV show.
  • Seventy-one percent of the teens interviewed in a recent survey say their allowance depends on doing household chores for teenagersno small bargaining tool. If your parents strongly oppose to paying you for the work you do, then suggest another reward: a movie, ice cream, a half hour later curfew one night.

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comments so far
Posted May 13, 2012
The chores I have to do is all the laundry,raking leaves and picking up sticks in the lawn,cleaning my room,folding laundry,and I'm gonna start chopping vegetables and vacumming.
queen supreme
queen supreme
Posted August 08, 2011
Sometimes I don't like to do chores and I get upset if I think I got more of a chore than my sibling did. But I know I like a clean room and clean house because that means less bugs and things like that.
Posted July 05, 2011
i'm not a big fan of chores but i am a big fan of helping out. But everytime there's a whole list of chores, me and my brother spilt it into half. I always finish first and then what does my brother do.... go play video games in his xbox360. When my mom comes from work hopping that she finds the house clean.. she makes me do all of his chores when he want even done with his 1st chore JUST B/C HE'S A YEAR YONGER.. so my mom treats him like he's special.
Posted May 31, 2011
I suggest to my mom and others in the house that sharing chores would be better. But no one will listen to me so that means I do laundry for four people (i'm included in the four), i do the dishes,I cook, and i go to school. Its not that I don't mind cleaning its that no one ever takes the Initiative to pitch in and no one keeps their area clean. And then my mom always gets an attitude and starts hitting people when something isn't clean the way she likes it. I've talked to a counselor and they suggest what you all are suggesting but again, it doesn't work. D:
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