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Choosing A College

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Going to college

When choosing a college and a major, you and your parents may not see eye-to-eye. Your parents may be pressuring you to go to a school that you're not interested in. Maybe they want you to go to a school close to home, and you're choosing a college far away.


When dealing with these differences of opinion about choosing a college, compromise is very important. Be honest about your feelings and goals and explain your reasons for choosing a college. Make sure your parents realize that you've thought things through and that you're getting old enough to start making your own decisions. If your parents want you to go to the school they went to, explain to them that they may have had a wonderful time there, but you need your own experience.


If they worry that you might not be ready to handle living far from home, compromise. You could always compromise by choosing a college a little closer (where you can visit the folks on the weekends) as a test. If you prove yourself to be responsible there, they may trust you enough to let you transfer to a different school after a year or so.


Conflict of interests

Your parents may also be pressuring you about majoring in a subject that doesn't interest you at all. This is a tough one, but like it or not, your parents are involved in your life (especially financially) and may feel entitled to influence your decision. Again, compromise is the key. You can make them happy by at least taking different kinds of coursestake some of the classes you want to take, and a few they want you to take just to see if you like them.


Finally, be open and honest with your parents at all costs. College is a big commitment in a lot of ways, so it's important to be into what you're studying. Otherwise it could be a waste of time, money, or effort for everyone.

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