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Added August 01, 2013

Mom Is Special. Treat Her That Way!

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Moms do so much. Take a moment and consider everything she does for you. We bet raising you is one of her proudest accomplishments. And we bet that she would feel great if she received a little more recognition for all her love and support. So start now! Make the most of your relationship with your mom in little ways every day and super special ways on big days like Mother’s Day and her birthday. With these ideas, it doesn’t take much money — just some time and care.


Just-Because Breakfast

Surprise! Mom doesn’t need to worry about breakfast today! Insist she sleep in while you make her favorite morning meal. You won’t believe how happy and grateful she’ll be for a little break from her routine.


Coupons That Save Her Day

For her birthday, you could make special coupons promising to do the chores she likes least. Laundry, kitchen cleanup, shopping, garbage detail — whatever it takes to unburden her a bit. Decorate the coupons with drawings, stickers or pictures of you to make them extra cute.


Mom and Daughter Night

Let's face it: You probably don't spend as much time with your mother as she would like you to, especially now that you’re a teen. If that's the case, she would really appreciate a gift to spend a night with you. It doesn't have to be a fancy night on the town. Just focus on something you like to do together and plan for just the two of you spending quality time together. Go out to a movie together or maybe go to a restaurant you used to love as a kid. Maybe you could sit around a fire or even just on the couch to catch up. Connect over something you both love and have fun, just the two of you.


Mother’s Day Blooms

She has loved watching you blossom into the strong young woman you are today. Pay her back with a beautiful flower that blooms each year. Mother’s Day is the perfect time to get a flower she can plant because it’s spring and so many plants are flowering! Make sure to get one that says “perennial.” That means it will grow back after winter each year. She can watch it get bigger and more beautiful through the seasons, just like you!


Workday Surprise

Mom misses you while she’s at work, just like you used to miss her at kindergarten. Did she ever write you a note on your lunch napkin? Pay her back by packing her lunch, note and all. Or give her a cute picture frame for her to display at her desk. Remember that funny picture you guys took last vacation? Get it printed and put it in a frame. Your mom will love to show it off to all her co-workers.


Don’t Forget to Write!

Here’s an idea that doesn’t cost a thing. Write your mom a handwritten letter. Let her know how much she means to you, recount the funny memories you’ll never forget or thank her for the hard times she’s helped you overcome. A few moments and a little ink are sure to become a keepsake she’ll hang on to forever.


No matter what you do for mom this year, make sure she knows how much you appreciate all that she does. Whether it’s planning a night for just the two of you, or simply giving her a big hug, it’s the thought that counts. So be creative, get thinking and have fun celebrating your mom!

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Posted July 20, 2013
my cousin had made a book for her mom and she said good and bad things about her in the book
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