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Added November 07, 2014

Can I Go To College?

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If you’re worrying, "Can I go to college?" it may be because you didn't get great grades in high school or didn't get a high exam score. Or maybe you got a rejection letter from your first pick school. No matter what the reason, it's important to never feel that college is out of reach.


Keep Working on Your Grades
If you weren't a good student in high school, it doesn't mean you can't go to college. Regardless of past performance in school, anyone can attend community or junior college and make a fresh start. You could even take night classes or just go part-time. Once you've succeeded there and earned some good grades on a few courses, ask yourself again, "Can I go to college?" You can reapply or even try to transfer to a university that meets your academic interests.


Don’t Let Money Hold You Back
If you’re worried about money issues, you may qualify for types of financial aid that don't require loans — like grants or scholarships. Don't let money hold you back — there are many ways to pay for your education. See your guidance counselors, find out if any community groups in your area offer scholarships, or contact the financial aid office of universities you want to attend and get information on the grants and scholarships they offer.


Consider Your Obligations
Maybe you can't go to college because of family responsibilities or obligations, like getting a job to help support your family or taking care of younger sisters and brothers. If that's the case, don't worry — there's always plenty of time to go to school. Family is a big priority in life, and you have plenty of time to start your career. Many university students are in their 20s, 30s and even 40s. In the meantime, while you're being a responsible daughter or sister at home, you could still go to college part-time or at night.


Just never give up on attending college if it’s what you really want!


Why do you want to go to college? Tell us! Just log in or register for to get started.

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