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Bra Measurement

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From the time your breasts start jiggling when you run, 'til, well, forever, you'll be faced with the difficult task of finding the right bra measurement. Although it's not as easy as it appears at first, don't worry. We're here to tell you EVERTHING you need to know to make absolutely sure that the bra measurement you're wearing is as comfortable as the bed Goldilocks fell asleep innot too big, not too small, but just right!


The truth is most women walk around with no idea what size they are. Be aware that your bra measurement changes throughout your life so if you've been wearing the same bra you bought a while back, there's a good chance it's not your size any more. That's the reason the saleswomen in Victoria's Secret walk around with tape measures around their necks! After choosing one that's pretty, one that has a fabric that's soft and comfortable next to your skin, what else can you do to insure that the bra you buy is the right bra measurement for you?


Think of the cups of your bra as if they were fine china, meant to hold things of value. Placing your breasts in the proper receptacle will be so much easier if you follow these simple steps... 

  • Although this will give you a pretty accurate bra measurement, you may wear a slightly different size, depending on the brand of the bra. Bras marked the same size can vary considerably so you might have to try on several to determine the right one for you.

  • Stay away from bras that pucker or squeeze your breasts. There should be no flesh bulging anywhere. Just like with the rest of your wardrobe, don't get hung up on the bra measurement. If the tape measure says you are a 34B, but a 34C looks and feels more comfortable, get the 34C.

  • Ask yourself these questions: Do the cups fit smoothly without gaping? Does the place where the cups meet at the bottom lie almost flat against your breastbone? Is the bottom of the bra straight all around or even slightly lower in the back? Is the bottom band snug but not too tight? If the answer to all these questions is YES, buy it!

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Posted June 30, 2014
The sizing chart thing is slightly inaccurate. The chart says I should wear a 34AA (or training bra) when I wear a 34A and sometimes 36A (depending on brand). If you want to base your size solely on this, I wouldn't recommend it, I would go to a store and try bras on for size.
Posted September 07, 2013
U should probably try a 32b
Posted November 04, 2012
Its really hard to find exactly what size you are. If youve never gotten any bras, id recommend Targets girls section if you are smaller, and juniors section if bigger. hope this helps.
Posted February 25, 2013
its really awkward for all you girls out there when your breasts are growing i went through this awkward stage wear a 30a didnt fit it was too small and a 32a was too big but know i fit into a 32a so dont worry n i also sleep in a bra
Posted September 07, 2013
Suzan#$, If the band is too small, try a 34AA, if the cup is too small, then try a 32B, I hope u find the right size! ;)
Posted August 06, 2013
If your getting your first bra i would sugest Target's girl section. Thats where i got my first bra. I have one question, when i tried on bras the 32A bra was to small but the 34A bra was to big, so what size should i pick?? One was to tight but the other was loose. I dont want to end up picking the wrong chioce and end up looking fake. Please help!!
Posted May 11, 2012
i still haven't found the right bra size and i have been wearing bras for almost 3 years. i had to skip training bras. and i sleep in a sports bra and a regular bra. my family thinks i am crazy, but i have to.does anybody else sleep in a bra? i just don't want to be the only one.
Posted June 27, 2012
I went from 34a to a 32-34b I have the biggest boobs in my grade!
Posted April 02, 2012
How do you move through the sizes? do you go, say, from 34B to 34-36C?
Posted July 16, 2012
I got 32 under the breasts but there isn't a 32 on the chart!
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With no straps to keep this bra from traveling south, the trick is finding one that’s comfy and stays put. A go-to strapless bra is a must in your bra bag of tricks!

  • Strapless bras are notoriously uncomfortable and fit is critical. Spend time trying on several before you buy one. Constantly hiking up a bra isn’t much fun. Trust us – we’ve tried it.
  • Look for one with a non-slip, silicone (a material kind of like rubber) lining inside the band. It’ll help keep it in place.
  • When you find one you like, test it out: move around, lean over and raise your arms to make sure the bra — and your breasts — stay put.


  • Resist the urge to wear it super-tight! A proper fitting strapless bra shouldn’t look like you’re being squeezed in half.
  • When you’re wearing this bra with a dress or top, do a quick mirror check to make sure it isn’t popping out in the back.


Talk about bra versatility! Convertible bras have removable straps that can be adjusted in lots of different ways to fit your favorite (and craziest!) outfits.

  • This bra’s a chameleon — make it a halter-top, racerback or try one strap for those amazing one-shouldered numbers. Talk about five bras in one!
  • Or, take the top down! Remove all the straps and the convertible bra becomes another strapless bra in your bra arsenal.

Racerback Bra

The racerback bra is a sports bra and basic bra rolled into one. The front looks like a basic bra, but the straps form a “Y” or “T” in the back like a sports bra.

  • Most racerback bras have a clasp in the front instead of the back. Talk about a genius invention!
  • The racerback is great to wear underneath tank tops that show off arms and shoulders in the summer!


  • Because a lot of racerback bras clasp in front, the underband can’t be adjusted. Make sure it fits snug. You do not want this bra to get loose.


Wearing a sports bra helps you focus on the game, and nothing but the game! Not only do sports bras give your chest that high-activity support, you don’t even have to play sports to wear one! Score!

  • Sports bras come in XS, S, M, L, XL and XXL. Your size usually matches your shirt size.
  • The bra should fit snugly against you, but not have a python grip!


  • Sports bras get a lot of action, so throw ’em in the washer after each workout.
  • A good way to know if it’s time to replace a sport bra is to compare an old one to a new one. If the old one is stretched out across the band and straps, adios!


Just like your BFF, this bra’s always there for you. It’s the one you probably want to get in lots of different colors and styles, because it’s, well – a trusted basic!

  • Important: 90 percent of the support should come from the underband, not the straps. If you rely too much on the straps, you’re in bra-hammock territory. Dangerous!
  • You should just fill out the cups. If there’s extra room, go a size down. (So, if a B is too large, try an A.) If you’re popping out, try one size up! It’s a cinch!
  • While there are 90 sizes of bras (from A-K cup!) nearly half of adult women are over a size D. This can cause back pain and angst, so it’s doubly important to get a properly fitted bra. The basic bra, or racerback, are two great options.


  • It’s super important to get the right fit. The average woman wears six different bra sizes throughout her life, so it’s totally worth the hassle to go in and get properly fitted by a bra expert once a year.
  • It can be kind of embarrassing when your bra shows up through a white t-shirt. The fix? Try a nude color. Ta-da!
  • When you adjust the shoulder straps on your bra, you should be able to slip a finger underneath the strap and still feel that it is snug, but not too tight.


A good training bra is sort of like a sports bra. Training bras are good when you’re developing because you don’t need a lot of support. But don’t forget to graduate!

  • Most training bras are made of super comfy cotton with less spandex because as breasts develop, they don’t need as much support. Training bra’s come in sizes S-XL.
  • Training bras don’t have hooks, but you’ll still have to adjust the straps. Make it a snug fit, but don’t overdo it!


  • Sometimes mom is good at getting your first training bra, but drops the ball when it’s time to graduate to a bra with more support. Just say, “Hey, mom, I need a new bra! Like, today?”
Step 1
Step 2
Wrap your measuring tape around your ribcage
and hold it right underneath your chest. Make
sure the tape is snug, but not super-tight.
Wrap the measuring tape around the fullest
part of your chest. Don't pull too tight! If your
measurement is between inches, round up.
Now enter the
measurement here:

Always round up to the nearest inch.
(So if it’s 33½, enter 34 inches.)
OOPS! Enter your measurement to continue.
Measuring Tape

Or get a long piece of string or ribbon. Wrap it around like you
would a measuring tape, then line it up to a regular ol' ruler.
Uh oh! We’ve run into a problem. A bra expert at the store can help you find your exact fit in a flash.

The tricky thing about bras is that different brands don't always fit
the same. So even though you know your size, you might need to
try on a few before you find one that's perfect for you.

bra thumbnails

Now that you've got your
size, check out the different styles!

check'em out
explore different bra styles


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