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Added May 26, 2014

Breast Growth and Development

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Breasts: Things are changing!


One of the first signs of puberty is breast development. Many girls start to get "breast buds" (mounds or bumps around or under the nipple) at 11, but that's average. If you're a few years younger or older than 11 when you develop breast buds, that's totally normal too.


Next stage in breast development, your entire breast will start to get larger. Your nipple and areola (the area around the nipple) will get darker and form a separate, small mound. This whole process, from "flat" to "finish," takes from 23 years. Some girls develop more quickly than others, and it's not unusual for one breast to grow faster than the other. Sometimes it can take a while for things to "even out." But even adult women have one breast that's bigger than the other.


Breasts get a lot of attention during puberty because they're new, and not everyone gets them at the same time. Remember that everyone's breasts are different. What's important is the way you feel about your breasts and that, whatever their shape or size, you come to accept them as another unique and beautiful part of you!

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Posted September 07, 2014
I was hoping you could help guys . I'm going through puberty I have been for 2 years but no period yet but all of a sudden my boobs got super big!!! My mom was like "Omg" Lol it was funny but I have cramps and stuff but no period yet I wear a size 37-38A when I started pudding I was a 30A.all you girls that are worried you might be flat now but 2 years later (which will come fast)they will get bigger and that's a promise ;)_queenb_
Posted May 15, 2014
so I am NOT the only one who is kinda excited
Posted May 02, 2014
My boobs are so small but my nipples are so big! Does anyone know where i can buy a strapless bra (kids) in Canada. The largest part of my boobs is 33 inches and just under my boobs is 29 inches, and YES I need some sort of padding to disguise my nipples.
Posted January 24, 2013
smile1720158- I agree, that is totally unfar! But, you should NEVER resort to violence. First, just ignore her and walk away. If that doesnt work, tell her to just stop it (i would have a friend with you, so you have more confidence) And, if those two dont work, ask an adult what to do. They have gone through this, and can help. Well, hope I helped and hope she stops!
Posted July 03, 2013
I'm all scared my breasts will be all like: Oo. And people will make fun of me...
Posted May 02, 2014
To bonbonbunny: im pretty sure that its normal because its the same with me, and dont feel any different so ... yah.. id say its normal
Posted August 20, 2012
I am going to 7th grade and I already had my period and I am a 34a. One time my little brother was sleeping and his head hit me and it hurt so badly! Lol. I need to know if that's normal. Anyways thanks beinggirl. :)
Posted December 17, 2012
i am a 38c and having big boobs isnt all that great, honestly sometimes it sucks
Posted October 29, 2012
my boobs are small and round. this mean girl in the locker room for volleyball(our coach is a man so we are unattended) always says mean things about me like "your too small." "look how big i am." and really inorproperet stuff. can i just punch her? what should i do?!
Posted August 23, 2012
@Shirley curly - sometimes ur boobs cantend to be tender or even hurt when someone touches or hits your boobs. What I'm saying is that your boobs are growing or there just tender. Watch out! Wear a paded bra. Hope this helped :D
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