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Added August 01, 2013

Why Am I Not Boy Crazy?

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Sometimes it might seem like all your friends talk about is boys — which girls like which boys, which boys like which girls, and talk about these cutest boys in the class. Not that interested? Focused on other interests? You may start to think: Everyone else is boy crazy, so is something wrong with me?! Maybe you've even made up a crush or two just so your friends would stop pestering you. Here are some suggestions for what you can do next.



Different girls get interested in boys or get boy crazy at different ages. And it may not have to do with puberty. You might be totally developed and still not get what all the boy-craziness is about. It’s nothing to cause you worry. Just take a deep breath and be happy about the things that interest you.


Change the Subject

A lot of girls talk about boys because they think that's what you're supposed to talk about with girlfriends. But there are plenty of other things to discuss. Bring up the latest music or movies. How about sharing what you’re planning for the community festival? You’ll probably find it’s pretty easy to change the topic. Your friends won’t be hung up on Brad from math class if you’re talking about the latest song on the radio or movie to hit theaters. They may even want to join you at the movies or volunteer to help you at the festival!


Pursue Other Things

Consider expanding your circle of friends or hobbies. If you're not already involved in an after-school activity or sport, sign up, or try out, or look into some other hobbies. Hanging out with people who share a similar interest with you — like sports, acting or music — gives you a bigger range of topics to discuss


When you do have a crush on someone, you'll experience the excitement and your friends may have to ask you to stop talking about him! Continue to relax, and remember to talk about different interests, not just boys! And you’ll have plenty of things to talk about!

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CuCu Birdie
CuCu Birdie
Posted May 30, 2014
Is it ok to like someone older than you? My self-limit is three years.
Posted April 21, 2014
I'm not super boy crazy like my friends,and sometimes they think i'm weird but i still like it any ways:D
Im in love with dance
Im in love with dance
Posted October 09, 2013
I'm not boy crazy like at all. But when I was in 3rd grade i started to kinda like boys, then by 5th grade i had a minor boyfriend. In 6th grade everything changed. I had breasts, hips, thighs, talent. Then one guy started to like me, i didn't know him to well at the time but then we started hanging out more (before i knew he liked me) and his best friend was my bff's brother so we hung out a lot. Then one night i get a text from him that says "Hey i really like you, do you want to go out with me?" I said i need to think, i took me 3 weeks and finally i said yes too, him. Then I didn't really like him to much, so i broke up with him. We didn't really talk after that. I noticed that i really did liek him i just didn't notice it. I wanted him back, I asked him again but he was dating my BEST FRIEND!!! but he was using her to get over me and then she broke up with him, and he said yes to me. He is my CURRENT boyfriend i'm in 7th grade now
Posted September 16, 2013
@LydiaRocks It's normal to have a girl crush. I have had one but went past it. Many girls have girl crushes. It's just how you see people and the world. So relax and chill your still that one of a kind girl you've always been. Hope I helped ~Reagan
Posted September 10, 2013
what if u get crushes on girls
Posted August 22, 2013
I'm not SUPER boy crazy but when it comes to Sam I'm like ooze. :)
Posted July 28, 2013
I know it sounds weird and I am too young to be thinking that but that's how I want it to be. :)
Posted July 28, 2013
My sister is boycrazy. More than me!! She just turned 14 on July 24th and she has almost had 10 boyfriends!! I'm turning 16 on July 30th and I've only had 3. I've tried talking to her but she doesn't listen. Maybe I'm not saying it right. WHAT DO I SAY!!!
Posted July 25, 2013
The only reason I am boy crazy is because I want someone who I can make love to when I am older and we are having sex, to be with him forever and always be in his arms and be his only true love. That is the reason I am boy crazy :)
Posted July 18, 2013
I am boy crazy!! LOL I want a boyfriend but I want to be with him forever and I want him to be loyal to me and to take care of me when I need it. Someone who just doesn't want S*x from me. I don't want to b a piece of meat. I was dating someone and w decided we were ready for s*x and then the next day he left and I haven't spoken or seen him since and this was in Jan of this year! I am glad we used protection! We told each other we loved each other we were dating for 6 months. I was heartbroken but I'm over it now. I've moved on with my life :)
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