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Menstruation & Your Cycle

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Added May 26, 2014

Spotting & Bleeding Between Periods

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Spotnot the dogspotting between periods

The only type of normal bleeding or "spotting" (light bleeding) between periods is spotting that happens to some women when they ovulate (which is about fourteen days before the start of the next period). If you have any other type of bleeding or spotting between periods, you should see your doctor.

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Posted March 29, 2014
idk if this helped me cuz my period ended last Friday n I have brown discharge...I'm 17
Posted July 02, 2012
Hi, I usually get brown discharge 1-3 days before my period. One time out of all my cycles I had it 1 week before my period. Right Now Ive had brown discharge for 9 days,some days its dark some days its a light brown. My period should be here any day now. Its been like 26 days since the end of my last period! Is this ovulation> Should I be concerned? Oh also I have pms! Im scared oh Im 14
Posted July 25, 2011
I havent even gotten my period yet and I had a little light bleeding when I went to the bathroom two nights ago. Is that spotting?
Posted June 13, 2011
I like this article. But it really didn't help my problem because I have 2 periods in one month. It's not just spotting. It's full on-Period. They all last the same amount of time; And they are all REALLY HEAVY. I'm scared to go to a doctor; But my period still hasn't regulated. I got my first one 6 months ago.
Posted August 27, 2011
i had my period this month and theres a little bleeding but none on my undies so im scared im twelve
Posted July 12, 2011
is it 21 or more days apart??? like ones on the first and the other on like 22 in the same month?
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