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Birth Control

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Added August 01, 2013

Birth Control Pills Side Effects

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The Pill. An oral contraceptive that must be prescribed by a doctor.

Safer sexnot effective
Pregnancy preventionvery effective

How it workshormonal

The pill basically tricks your body into thinking you're pregnant. It comes in two forms and a variety of dosages. One form combines the synthetic hormones estrogen and progesterone. It prevents ovulation so you stop producing eggs. This pill does not prevent the womb lining from developing.

The second (and slightly less effective) form of the pill is progesterone only. This pill (sometimes known as the mini-pill) thickens your cervical mucus, making it difficult for sperm to get through the cervix and meet the egg. If an egg does get fertilized, it's very hard for it to survive because this pill prevents the womb lining from developing.

Pros and cons

The major plus side of the pill is that it is 97100%effective in preventing pregnancy. But this stat only applies to women who take the pill EVERYDAY. Some research shows that the pill (with estrogen and synthetic progesterone) reduces the risk of ovarian and endometrial cancer.

There are various scientific opinions about the risk of breast cancer associated with the pill. Some women experience weight gain, headaches, mood changes, reduced sex-drive and breast tenderness. Also, the pill doesn't protect you from STDs, so you have to use a condom or some other form of barrier protection to prevent disease. The pill is available by prescription only, so you need to go to your doctor and discuss whether it's right for you.

Birth control pills side effects

You experience a false period while taking the pill. This happens during the days of the month when you're taking the reminder sugar pills in your pack or no pill at all. It's a false period because you're not really ovulating. You still bleed like a normal period, but generally, these false periods are light, absolutely regular and almost pain free.

With the mini-pill (progestogen only), the length of your cycle varies between 23 and 33 daysbut it can also be shorter. Breakthrough bleeding and spotting is common between periods. Many women with irregular cycles experience no bleeding at all.

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comments so far
Posted October 27, 2014
I'm 17 and ive been wanting get on the pill for 3years now because i want to know if it will help me when i get extremely ill for the first 2 days i start i just want to know if i could just go to a drug store and get some instead of having to go see a gynecologist
Posted February 18, 2014
My doctor said he thinks I should start taking birth control (i'm not sexually active as of now) but he said it has a lot of benefits! I'm 14 btw almost 15! But does it make you gain weight?
Posted August 10, 2013
I am not having sex, but I want to use the pill for my acne. R there any recommendations? Also, how do I tell my mom? I don't want her to think I want to have sex, because I am waiting till marriage because it is a big sin ( in my religion which is Christian), and I am scared to even ask her by text or writing, or talking! PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!! ????????
Posted January 15, 2014
HELP!! so i started taking Birth control this Sunday and today (2nd day on it) i took the pill an hour and a half late. Is this bad? will this throw off my body or the effects it has? Help!
Posted January 15, 2014
Im 16 and barely starting to take BC but ill only be on it for 3 months. My doctor told me to take them because something about my body, im sorta freaked a bit. Im a virgin and want to stay one but what about the side effects? im taking Ortho-Novum 1/35 can any of yall tell me about these? are they good or bad? any stories or know side effects?
Posted December 06, 2013
Hey, How Do You tell your mom you want to get on the pill??
Posted September 22, 2012
I'm 14, and I'm not even allowed to have a boyfriend, but I want to go on birth control. I want it for reasons like keeping my hormones balanced, and keeping my acne down. I plan to not have sex until I'm 18, but I don't know if my parents will believe me. How do I talk to my parents and my doctor about this, and make them understand that I'm not having sex, I just want the pill?
Posted July 04, 2013
I'm 16 and I'm on the pill because i have polycystic ovarian syndrome. I found out in October and started the pill in January. For me, the pill does exactly the opposite. It causes me to have a period regularly. Without it I would have no period.
Posted April 01, 2013
In august I started taking the pill, it helped lighten my periods because I get REALLY heavy and I also get REALLY bad cramps it helped a lot but I kept forgetting to take it, so in January I switched to the Depo-provera shot also known as the depo shot it works AMAZINGLY! I've only had 1 shot but I didnt have cramps in February but since i he only had 1 my body isnt fully used to it but next month when i get my second my doctor said it will get wayyy better!
Posted January 03, 2013
Im 18 and have been on the pill for almost a year. I always had killer cramps before but once i started taking the pill they went away. It also helped with my heavy bleeding and acne.I take tri sprintec. I would definitely recommend it.
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