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Choosing The Best Tampons

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Dear BeingGirl Experts,

How do you know if it will be a heavy or light day to choose a tampon, and can you wear a pantiliner with tampons 'til you find out?




Dear Destiny,

You have a great idea about experimenting with tampon absorbency to learn what the correct absorbency will be for you. You should use the lowest absorbency tampon for your flow and change the tampon every 48 hours. If you find your tampon fully saturated before 4 hours, you should use the next higher absorbency. If you remove the tampon at 8 hours and see white fiber on the tampon, your tampon is too absorbent, so drop down one absorbency next time. Try this for a few cycles until you figure out your needs. For most girls, their menstrual flow has a pattern of heavier days and lighter days. You will just need to choose the lowest absorbency necessary for each day.The Tampax Pearl Multipax comes with an assortment of tampon absorbencies. With the multipack you will be ready for the various types of flow you may experience during your period.


Hope this is helpful,

Your BeingGirl Experts

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Posted August 25, 2014
My cycle isn't consistent yet, but I always have one light day. I love liners. I wear one almost everyday for daily hygiene. Make sure you change your liner about 3 times a day to prevent a yeast infection. Its a good idea to wear a liner with your tampons so that if you accidentally leak you don't stain your undoes, I learned the hard way.


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