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Added August 01, 2013

Being The Oldest

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By BeingGirl teen author, Lindsay


For me, being the oldest sister of two siblings is both fun and hard. Being the oldest means having a lot of responsibilities and enjoying it, but it is also great knowing that I'll be the first one to get a cell phone and my driver's license.


Being the oldest sister, babysitting is also one of the great things we get to do, (even though it's not always great for the younger siblings). I have to make sure my little brother and sister stay out of trouble, I have to make sure all of my chores are done, and I have to follow all the rules. I also have to make sure I'm acting maturely, because my siblings are always looking up to me.


Responsibilities are sometimes annoying, but with more responsibilities come more privileges. I get to go to the movies with my friends, stay up later, and get a bigger allowance.


You know what else is great about being the oldest sister? PG-13 movies! It's cool knowing that you've matured enough to enjoy the kinds of movies that my little siblings aren't allowed to watch. So, when we're watching G-rated movies, it's great knowing that I can watch my movie next.


Something else I like about being the oldest is that I don't have to go into the babysitting room at the gym. I can exercise with the adults whenever I want! Sometimes it can be really great being the oldest sister!


One not so great thing about being the oldest sister is that your parents expect more from you. If you're blamed for something that you didn't do, usually the tattletale is your younger sibling. Sometimes, they want to make themselves seem like little angels, even if they're hiding their horns and tail!


Sometimes, I think that the younger siblings are sooo lucky. But we get the good life every once in a while, too. We don't have to worry about getting hand-me-down clothes and toys all the time, which means we get to go shopping for our own clothes, and they're always new. One of my best friends and I are always looking for dresses in the junior's section to try on, (just for fun.) Even if we'd never buy them, it's fun to see what the new fashions are and what they look like when we try them on. It's great being in junior sizes now, because we get more of a variety of clothes to choose from. There are more styles that allow you to have shorter shorts, longer earrings, and much more that younger siblings can't have.


Okay, I'm done complaining. I really love it when I get to help my little brother work on spelling, and my little sister with homework. I can tell that they really like spending time with me and learning what I teach them, so I take time to play board games and hang out with them when I can.


Being the oldest sister is great, but sometimes it's not easy. And, still, I love every bit of being the oldest!

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Posted June 16, 2014
Luckily for me, I'm the third child out of four. (That makes me the second cutest, hooray! lol) Anyway, still, I had to take care of my younger brother and younger cousins.. Babysitting them was a ton of work! Specially since they never really listened to me. Now that they have grown a little more, and me, I think it's better than before. They are maturing. :D
Posted April 28, 2014
I'm the 3rd child out of 5 kids,but now that my older brother and sister are in college,it makes me the oldest kid in the house.its both a blessing and a curse.The good news is you get to do mature things and have what you have being dreaming of:),the bad news is no more special treatments and if something goes wrong,your to be blamed:(.
Posted August 06, 2013
I have 2 little brothers 7 and the other one is 3 weeks. just born yeah! well any ways my yonger brother annoys me every time in the morning he wakes me up at 7:oo am to watch him play his game for about a hour. Then I go back to sleep then next thing I know my baby brother cries ugg.then I wake up take care of him after mom feeds him then when he is asleep I put him back then do chores its really hard being the oldest plus fun.
Posted July 20, 2013
I am the oldest in my family and i care for my little brother and sometimes he can be annoying and sometimes cute!!!
Posted August 20, 2013
My little sister is such a tattletale and she thinks she has a pretty big mouth on her but at the end of the day she is still my sister and I have to love her.
Posted July 03, 2013
I only have one sibling: a 10 year old sister who does everything in her power to annoy me. Me and my sister are six years apart. All the kid does is annoy me and complain when things don't go her way or when attention isn't on her. It is so hard to keep my self control when I am around her.
Posted October 29, 2012
yeah i get it my lil sis annoys me so much sometimes and i get so angry its hard
Sweet_Girl 101
Sweet_Girl 101
Posted September 02, 2012
i am the oldest in my family but i HATE when my little brother tells on me, gets in my room, most of all i hate it when my mom takes his side over mine i just wish sometimes i was an only child maybe life will be better for me
Hi there!:)
Hi there!:)
Posted August 23, 2012
cont. And I don't want to be that person, I love them and the only reason they are like that is because of their parents and apparently (according to my sister) my 'mean; cousin said that I had no right to talk about her mother like that (I said she should look after her own kids - i was really ticked off) but I can't stand her.
Posted July 03, 2013
When my sister does things that mostly I do, and I know she is doing it because I am drives me crazy! My mom tells me that I should be proud that she wants to be like me, but truth is, I don't want anyone to be like me. There really should be ONLY ONE ME. I've told my mom before, "I don't see why she wants to follow in my footsteps, I walk into walls."
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