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Added April 10, 2014

It’s Bathing Suit Season

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What To Know Before You Go: It's Bathing Suit Season 

Summer is in full swing, and we bet you're looking forward to spending time soaking up the rays and enjoying yourself. Except for one small problem: the bathing suit. Every year these insignificant pieces of Lycra cause millions of us a tremendous amount of grief. Suddenly we feel self-conscious, and possibly embarrassed, to appear in public in a swimsuit. No matter that our brains know that photographs of the models in magazines go through four hours of computerized transformationswe still yearn to get our bodies to look like theirs. To make the ordeal of the bathing suit shoppingand the bathing suit seasona bit easier, here are our top 10 tips:


Uno: Try not to compare your body to anyone else's. Our genetic makeup determines our height, weight, shoe size, and eye color, yet we compare our bodies as if we were comparing luggage rolling off an assembly line. We never say, "I wish I could have a voice like hers," or "I want my ears shaped like that," probably because we know that's impossible. Yet somehow we lose our objectivity when it comes to comparing stomachs, thighs, and body weight. Suddenly we decide we can make ours look like someone else's. What an unsatisfying, fruitless waste of time, especially during bathing suit season.


Dos: If you keep talking about that particular body part that bothers you, that's what everybody ends up looking at. Those parts you consider flaws are really what make you unique. And being unique is beautiful.


Tres: Don't succumb to the belief that thin is the only way to be happy. Girls who suffer from anorexia (an eating disorder that leaves the victim terribly underweight) are thin, but far from being healthy or in many cases, happy.


Cuatro: Remember that whatever you see in the mirror when cramped into a microscopic fitting room surrounded by fluorescent lighting is NOT reality.


Cinco: If you carry your weight in your lower half, look for a suit that is a solid color from the waist down, with a print, a bold color block, or a ruffle on the top to draw the eye upward. This tip will help you have a more satisfying bathing suit season.


Seis: If you are top heavy, find a bathing suit that draws attention to the hip area. A plunging V-neck draws attention upward to your face, to your bosom and your necklineand that's what people look at first and the most.


Siete: There is amazing technology in bathing suit construction today. If the top half of your bosom is well supported, then your whole shape looks better. Remember that your regular size is only a guideline when shopping during bathing suit season. Because it fits altogether differently from other clothing, experiment with different sizes to find the one that's right. When you find a suit you like, grab the same suit in one size smaller and one size larger than your regular size and try on all three before deciding if it's right or wrong for you.


Ocho: Think accessories. A brightly colored hat, a sweet cotton tank, a flirty camisole, a vintage slip layered over your bathing suit, and a cute wedge espadrille sandal can put together a coordinated image and help bolster your confidence for this year's bathing suit season.


Neuve: Curves are sexy. Hips and tummies look great when not crammed into a too-small suit.


Diez: Always walk tall, pay attention to your posture, and wear a smile. Drink lots of water and apply plenty of sunscreen. A happy positive facial expression radiates inner beauty, and that always outshines everything else, especially during bathing suit season!

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comments so far
Posted March 29, 2014
I luv going to the beach and everything.But sometimes I look at others and compare myself.So I taught myself to luv me and now I really do know I am beautiful!!!!
Cupcakes R Awesome
Cupcakes R Awesome
Posted January 03, 2014
I have a really awkward tiny waist and big hips so I always look weird in swim suits
Posted July 23, 2013
I used to suck in my tummy a lot when I was little so now my tummy at like we'll it's hard to explan but it looks Locke I have a pernimit fat or jelly role whatever you call it
Posted July 23, 2013
Don't be ashamed of how your body looks in a swim suit I am 106 pounds I waer s bikini you think I care what ppl think! I will wear the ulyest thing in the store and go run around in public I don't care what ppl think about me I am me and if you don't like me to bad!ur just jealus cuz I can walk around in public lookin like a fool and ppl still love me. Think about it when ur like 20 or 30 you will look back at your self and be like why wouldn't I waer a bikini back then I was so skinny!
Posted February 25, 2013
I just bought this super cute bikini the other day and I'm working on a six-pack!
Posted April 10, 2013
I wish I could wear a bikini! Im not heavy, but the fat i do have is all on my stomach! No matter what I do I just can't make it go away. Any suggestions on what I could do to slim my belly down?
Posted January 21, 2013
Thanks! That is very helpful!
Posted September 22, 2012
I love swimming and shopping for swimsuits! But I'm not allowed to wear bikinis. Do you guys think bikinis are inappropriate, or cute?
Posted January 24, 2013
I want boobs before bikini season!How can i do this im currently a size 32-30A PLEASE HELP EMERGENCY
Posted January 04, 2013
I am decently skinny and m friends always tell me to wear a bikini because "I have the body" I am not uncomfortable or anything.. its just that i dont really have curves and i think i look weird. i bought a new floral bikini and i am thinking about wearing a tank while i swim:$
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