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Back To School Fashion

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Nothing beats feeling like you look great to instill confidence at the beginning of a new school year's challenges. But between sticking to a budget, deciding among hundreds of choices, and figuring out what's most flattering, a girl can get a headache! Here are some back-to-school fashion pointers to help assure that your first impression after the summer's break will be the best one ever!


Know before you go. That means before you leave the house, know what your budget is, know what fits from last year that's worth updating, and know the hottest trends for the fall. Separate in your mind what's classic, what's a fad, and what's trendy. Peruse this month's fashion magazines to fill you in on the season's back to school fashion.


Before you leave, put on the same makeup and jewelry you'd wear to school. Make sure you have on the right under garments. Wear comfortable shoes and clothes that are easy to put on and take off. Bring along a totally trusted, stylish friend...or your mom if she fits the bill.


Your clothes for school should be funky and fresh, just like your style. You can't afford to buy outfits to be seen in only once so the key is building a wardrobe around a base and filling in with items that mix and match. Stay away from things that are too in-your-face or over-the- top. And remember to keep to your budget!


Do a lap around your favorite stores before you buy anything. Then you'll know you're making the best choice. Please remember that it's too hot to wear most of what you must have, so slow down. After a few weeks of school, you'll have a better idea of what clothes are so trendy that you don't want them any more. You'll be less prone to making a back to school fashion mistake and you will still have money left to spend on something you didn't notice first time around. And you might find it on sale next month.


Once in the store, use the three-way mirror. What may look fabulous from the front may look less so from the back! Give yourself plenty of time; people make costly mistakes when they're in a hurry. Touch the fabric. You should like how it feels. Always, always try on before you buy. Sit, stand, and bend over. You don't want to be surprised to find your underwear sticking out every time you sit down.


If thrifting is your style, check out your local Salvation Army, flea market, or Goodwill store for terrific vintage back to school fashions. It's even more important to try on their clothes for fit. What was a size 10 years ago could be a four today.


Buy only what you love. Don't be seduced by a back to school fashion bargain. If you're shopping in the outlets, check for holes and stains and missed stitches in the seams. No matter where you shop, always get a receipt and ask about the return policy.

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