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Added April 10, 2014

All About Stretch Marks

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Your body is growing, and you’re maturing. With all the bodily developments you hear and read about that come with puberty, you may have forgotten about the one thing that holds it all together: your skin! Fast changes may overload your skin’s flexibility and cause marks from stretching so dramatically. These are known as stretch marks.


What Causes Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks often appear on bodies that have recently gone through a great deal of fast growth or change: sudden weight gain or loss, pregnancy, and, yes, puberty. What happens is that the skin cannot keep up with the change in the body shape quickly enough and is forced to stretch too fast. Think about the lines like those you see in taffy when it's stretched. The same thing happens to the skin when it gets pulled in a new direction. The skin pulls apart slightly and leaves scar tissue or “stretch marks.” They appear as pink lines or stripes, usually in small groups.


Do They Go Away?

However pronounced and noticeable they may seem to you now, stretch marks do fade over time. They usually start off as violet or pink lines, but eventually fade to spider web-thin, silvery lines. Sometimes they can be more noticeable when you're tan, because they can either burn or stay pale while the rest of your skin darkens.


Some people use cocoa butter or vitamin E oil to reduce the appearance of stretch marks, but there's no proof that these remedies really work. If you feel that your stretch marks are uncommonly severe, talk to your doctor. If not, just remember that you’re not the only one and that before long, they’ll fade.


Look on the bright side. You’ve earned your tiger stripes! Stretch marks are another sign that you’re on your way to becoming a strong, independent woman. Now go take on the world like one!

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comments so far
Posted February 12, 2014
I have stretch marks like everywhere. It has been bothering me. My parents told me that it was because I gained weight and I just need to exercise and my skin will tighten up.
Posted February 03, 2014
I'm overweight and I had stretch arms on my inner thigh. When I first noticed them, they were purple, and they bothered me soooo much, I was embarrassed to wear shorts. In a year or so they faded and they turned a whitish silver colour. Now you can barely see them. But when I run my fingers down them you can feel them but that doesn't bother me. The same year they were fading, I saw stretch marks all around my nipples. I don't want to be gross but it's true. They look so ugly but in a year or so, I hope they fade away like my thighs did!
Posted August 12, 2013
I have stretch marks on my back, upper thigh, my back and my butt(i do not have a butt) but i learned to deal with them once you play sports for most of your life like i do then you don't care everyone gets them no matter how hard we try not too
Posted December 19, 2013
I feel a little embarassed when I wear a bikini but i put water proof makeup or concealer on it
Posted December 19, 2013
I feel a little embarassed when I wear a bikini but i put water proof makeup or concealer on it
Posted July 28, 2013
Well I hate stretch marks honestly why
Posted September 22, 2012
i have them on the back of my thighs my butt my boobs and starting on my back!!
Yelena Zaltana
Yelena Zaltana
Posted May 09, 2013
I have them on my chest, thighs and my butt :P I'm glad that they might go away, I've tried everything I can think of
Posted July 03, 2013
I have Stretch mark inbetween my thighs and behind my knees.. I'm really self concious because of them.. I feel like I can't wear shorts...):
Posted January 04, 2013
I dont have them anywhere but my bum? I am a 34B is this normal not to have them on boobs? are mine not growing???
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