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My Beauty & Style

All About Hair

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Added April 10, 2014

All About Hair Products

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Tired of the same old look everyday? Learn all about hair products for a new look every day of the week. Go wavy one day, simply straight the next. Get some va-va-volume, do an up-do, or just add some sparkle.


All About Hair Products: Mousse

Get fuller and bouncier hair without making it sticky or heavy. Some mousses help de-frizz, too. Mousse usually comes as a foam, like whipped cream, but can be a gel, too. Use on clean, towel-dried hair. Mousse works best on fine and normal hair; not as great on very curly or very thick hair.


To use: Spray a small bit into your palm. Run your hands through your hair starting at the scalp in the areas where you're looking for lift. Best place to start: the hair around your face. To make your hair extra-springy and soft-looking, turn your head upside down and scrunch the rest of your hair, starting at the roots. Using a hairdryer or towel, dry your hair as best you can in this position. Flip your head up when you're done, being careful not to hit any furniture! The result: Va-va voom!


Watch out: Too much mousse can leave your hair crunchy and flaky. Good for cereal; bad for hair.


All About Hair Products: Gel

Get strong hold and control. Add shine and de-frizz, too. Gel can play up or smooth down curly hair, depending on how you use it. It works well on most hair types, and you can find a gel that's best for you. Use it only when your hair is wet.


To use: Place a dime-sized amount of gel in your hand. Rub palms together and wet them a little to make it easier to apply. For curly or natural-looking hair, scrunch the gel into wet hair and comb through with your fingers. To keep hair straight, smooth it on instead of scrunching, comb through with your fingers, and smooth down any frizzies. Avoid getting gel on your scalp or roots, which can make your hair heavier and flatter. You'll look stylin'!


Watch out: Too much gel can leave your hair wet looking and sticky all day. Can you say, "Wash me?"


All About Hair Products: Hair Wax

Get a slick look like a tight bun, slicked-back short hair, or a really defined style that won't move. Hair wax is good for hard-to-control hair, and gives you shine and serious control.


To use: Start with a pea-sized drop on a small section of hair to see how it works. Use the smallest amount necessary to get the look you want. You can always add more on stray hairs after you're done styling. You'll look seriously slickand maybe even a little dangerous!


Watch out: Too much wax can look goopy, greasy, and over-styled, and may be hard to wash out.


All together now: "Ewww!"


All About Hair Products: Hairspray

Set your hair after styling or use it to create pin curls or waves.


For a finishing touch, apply hairspray to dry hair after you finish styling. Hold hairspray a few inches from your head. Lightly spray your picture-perfect do all over. For extra bounce and lift, flip your hair upside down and lightly spray your hair at the roots. Shake head out to let it settle and dry, then flip it up, avoiding any hazards like furniture or mirrors. (Ouch!)


To create a pin curl or ringlet, wind a small section of hair around your finger. Spray it lightly with hairspray and wait a moment for it to dry or aim a cool hairdryer at the curl for a few seconds. Gently let go and let the curl spring out. Spray the curl lightly again to help it set. You'll look all-day fabulous.


Watch out: Most hairsprays contain some alcohol, and alcohol is flammable. If you use styling tools like a flat iron, crimper, curling iron or even a hot hairdryer, wait until you're done styling your hair before you spray it on.


All About Hair Products: Leave-in Conditioner

If your hair is more stressed out than you are, leave-in conditioner could become your hair's new best friend. After swimming, tanning, or sweating, or too much blow-drying, hair product use, or chemical treatments, your hair is THIRSTY! Give it a refreshing moisture treatment with a dollop of leave-in conditioner after shampooing. Your hair will thank you for it!


All About Hair Products: Flyaway Smoother

Can you say fried? If you're cursed with a case of the frizzies or if you have a few stray hairs that just don't want to follow the rest of the crowd, don't learn to love it or live with it. Smooth on a touch of anti-frizz serum to make your hair shine and smooth down flyaways.


All About Hair Products: Shimmer

When you're looking to glam-up, finish your look with a little shimmer spray. Who says only the stars can shine in the spotlight?


A note about product use: Too much of any product can make your hair look greasy or dry and flaky instead of fabulous. When getting to know your hair products, less is definitely better, and healthier, than more.


Now that you've learned all about hair products go out, and try a few to see how many great looks you can get out of one haircut.

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comments so far
Posted August 25, 2014
I was desperate one day and I tried Dawn on my hair instead of shampoo and it made my hair soooooo beautiful! It also made my super itchy scalp feel tons better.
Posted August 03, 2014
great advice....Thanks
Posted April 29, 2013
This really helped!!! I learned things I never knew about these products
Posted July 30, 2014
@HappyToBe21, try straightening or curling your hair wet. If your hair dries a certain way, it will hold its shape easier. Hope I helped:)
Posted May 09, 2013
My hair is sensitive to even use mousse more less gel :( what should i use?
Posted May 24, 2014
my hair is curly and I always use mousse and it still looks perfect....
Posted April 29, 2013
My haier is curly so when I wake up it is really messy. So I wear it up but mow my hair is breaking. Whst should I do ?
The Amazing Googley Bear
The Amazing Googley Bear
Posted April 29, 2013
one really good hair style is a messy bun. i have to make them really tight though so i can do sports though.
Posted April 16, 2013
my hair is naturally curly and every time I wake up it is messy
Posted April 29, 2013
My hair i longih andnthick.... Any suggestions..... PLEASE!!!!!!!
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