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Added August 01, 2013

African-American Hair Tips by Stephanie C

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I know from personal experience that we as African-American young ladies have a hard time keeping our hair looking good, while at the same time not spending too much money. Me personally, I like saving my money for buying clothes or going out and doing something fun with my friends. I believe, why spend more money than you need to? Most people only spend money on some items because they want to, it's not something that has to happen. I have some African-American hair tips that will leave you with beautiful hair and money to spare.


African-American hair can definitely be difficult to manage, if you don't have the right hair care products. The key to good hair care is healthy maintenance and selecting the right products. Both of which are achievable with these African-American hair tips. 


Cleansing the hair of all debris is the first defense against damaged hair. If possible, always use a moisture-rich shampoo that detangles hair while cleansing at the same time, and doesn't strip the hair of essential nutrients. The product I use is Pantene Pro-V Relaxed and Natural, which is for African-American hair. The product labeling states that it has moisturizing conditioners that hydrate hair and help relieve the scalp's dryness. It also helps dry, brittle hair look healthy and irresistibly shiny by fortifying hair with essential oils to keep your hair strong against damage, as well as soft, manageable, and shiny. It also gently cleanses chemically-relaxed, pressed, or natural hair. I also use Pantene® Pro-V Relaxed and Natural Conditioner and the Wrap and Set lotion spray as a detangler. Because the next steps to great hair are the conditioning and the styling. Well, I don't know about you, but this is something that really catches my attention! Especially, since as an African-American, my hair can get very dry and brittle, not to mention damaged from perming and overheating it. That makes the Pantene Pro-V Relaxed and Natural line of products perfect for me because it is good for my type of hair and affordable.


I actually use these products weekly. One particular time I was preparing for Homecoming and had spent all my money on my outfit and my ticket. I had permed my hair the week before but when I looked in the mirror, I said this hair is not going to work.  So I went to my cabinet and started with the Pantene Pro-V shampoo, then ended with the Wrap and Set lotion. And I must say my hair matched my outfit because both were fabulous!!! Of course!


I have concerns about breakage, because the fact of it is, too much heat from blow dryers, curling irons, chemical damage from perms, color, bleach or chemical relaxers, too much exposure to the sun, and poor brushing and combing habits can lead to breakage. Here are some additional African-American hair tips I use for my hair: 

  1. I use a wide-tooth comb and Pantene Pro-V Wrap and Set lotion as a detangler when my hair is wet because it helps my hair shed less.
  2. My hair is trimmed every 35 weeks to help prevent split ends.
  3. I get my perm touched up every two to three months; too many perms can over process your hair, which leads to stiff, unhealthy hair.
  4. My hair is colored, so it is very important that I keep it moisturized every day.
  5. I shampoo, condition, and blow-dry my hair every week. I use a good-quality dryer with a comb attached on medium to low heat setting. I try to make sure to direct the air flow of the dryer down the hair shaft, in other words, away from the scalp to the ends. For me this seems to eliminate frizz and leaves my hair more shiny.


I use these African-American hair tips along with the Pantene Pro-V Relaxed and Natural products and my hair is wellFABULOUS!


It is very important to stay committed to your hair. It may seem okay now, but not treating your hair properly can lead to hair loss as an adult. Hopefully my tips will help you, and I look forward to you experiencing healthy, beautiful, radiant hair. Check out the site for more product information and hair tips.

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Posted April 02, 2014
I have been natural for two years it will soon be three years this upcoming June. But before I went natural I had a perm my grandmother took good care of my hair. I have a huge fro now!!!!!
XO, K. Johnson
XO, K. Johnson
Posted April 10, 2013
im in the process of going natural, currently 3 months post relaxer!
Posted December 30, 2012
i have dark and lovely perming or relaing stuff that comes in a box and it makes my hair so soft!
Posted July 24, 2012
i have a ton of hair but its just to hard to manage and i want to cut it but i dont want to cut it and i get perms but i just have a hard time taking care of it and my mom and sisters and brother give me long lectures about hoe i need to start taking care of it and need to comb it but it just to much for me idk!!
Posted January 15, 2013
I have this type of hair, i sometimes have a hard time mangeing it but i find you should use stuff to make your hair have more moistere it makes your hair soft. I dont have lots of exeperince but just enough to make it soft! Make sure you brush it too!
Posted August 20, 2012
Do you HAVE to wash and blow dry an flat iron your hair every week to make it healthy ?
Posted May 11, 2012
I know this sounds weird but I am going to try horse shampoo its originally made for horses but its for humans also and people who tried it said their hair grew three and four inches in a month
Posted July 02, 2012
Omg. I have short hair. That did have a relaxer, but my mom( shame, damn damn damn damn damn) cut it all off. Now my hair is like 3 inches long. I have been dieng to find out how to meake it grow, so i can relax it ( salon right this time) , make it tightly curled and put brown-orange highlights atthe end of it. Would look awsome. Howw
Posted June 22, 2012
Im African American and for my hair its so easy! I have shampoo and conditioner, I use that and brush it with a wide tooth comb. I blow dry and then I brush my hair with a Styling and Smoothing brush. I put my hair in a silk ruffle in a loose ponytail, and put the loose ponytail in a silk cap. And sleep on it and it is beautiful for the week! PS: I very RARLEY flat iron or curl iron my hair and my hair is relaxed.
Posted July 15, 2012
Who here wants to know how to grow your hair? If so keep readin! First, cut your hair Second, wash your hair Third, blow dry it and brush it Fourth, Maintain it buy putting healthy moisturisors and if you flat iron often, use heat protectant THAT SMELLS GOOD (or else its not good for your hair) And Just maintain it and wash it often, and cut it every 3-6 weeks and you got beautiful hair Like Mine ;D
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