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Added April 23, 2014

9 Tips for a Safe and Fun Vacation

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Vacation’s finally here! It’s about time for you to enjoy a little rest and relaxation. Whether you plan to visit your grandma up north or venture to the beach, it’s important to be prepared. Check out these nine vacation tips below so you can be prepared, safe and all set for enjoying a great vacation.


1. Pack Light

You might think you need to pack your ENTIRE closet, but you don't. Pack only what you need and appropriately for the climate where you're traveling. If you pack too much, you'll be weighed down.


2. Bring All Regular Medications

If you take medications, make sure you have enough for the entire time you'll be away. Check a couple of weeks before you go away so that you'll have plenty of time to have your prescriptions filled.


3. Add a Medical Tag to Your Bag

Write down any allergies you may have, the name, address and phone number of a parent or relative, and the name and phone number of your physician. Include your name, birthday and any major medical concerns you may have.


4. Pack a Mini First-Aid Kit

You don’t want to be stuck without the basics to address any injuries you may experience. Many drugstores sell first-aid kits, but you can make your own with a stylish makeup bag. Pack adhesive bandages, an elastic bandage, alcohol swabs, cotton swabs and cotton balls, antibiotic ointment, tweezers, a thermometer, and latex gloves.


5. Identify Yourself, Please!

Make copies of all of your important documents. This includes your passport, license and health insurance card. Leave the copies in your hotel room so that if the originals get stolen, you can still get back home! (Make sure any important documents or cash is stowed away safely, and consider using the “Do Not Disturb” sign in hotel rooms to keep hotel staff out of your room.)


6. Do Your Research

Check out or buy a travel book to learn about your upcoming vacation. Travel books have great information and recommendations for the best places to go, where NOT to go and safety tips. They can also tell you local customs so you can fit right in!


7. Grab a Hotel Business Card

Grab a few front desk business cards when you reach your hotel. Keep one for yourself and give other cards to the people traveling with you. Keep it on you at all times and you'll always have the name, address, and phone number of the hotel where you're staying. Make sure your parents have this info, too.


8. Stick Together

While you're out and about, stay together. Never let a friend go off on her own. As your grandmother always said, "There’s safety in numbers." It’s best to be safe than risk being put into a dangerous situation. If a friend wants to venture off, try to convince her to stay. If she is persistent, offer to go with her.


9. Make Good Decisions

Just because you’re in a new place doesn’t mean you should act out of character. Be yourself and make good choices everywhere you go.


Now go make some travel memories you’ll never forget!

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comments so far
Posted December 02, 2012
@FreshTillDeath27 yep, no one would want to end up like in "Taken"! We better be on the safe side!
Posted August 28, 2012
ya ... u dont want a another situation like the movie "taken" .
Posted June 12, 2012
also, don't forget supplies incase.... THAT happens.....
Posted July 09, 2012
sorry los angeles
Posted July 06, 2012
I wanna go to las vegas
Posted August 02, 2012
Final destination: San Francisco and Oakland... Maybe I'll go to a Green Day concert
Posted December 08, 2011
@roxygirlsurf I don't recommend going at 16. Yes, legally you are old enough but that does not mean you are ready. Maybe if you go with friends your mom will be okay with it because if anything happens, you could be stranded on the highway with a broken car and nobody around, and that is a really scary and dangerous situation, even for an adult.
Posted September 13, 2011
I want to go to orgeon, drive their by myself when i am 16 because i will be old enough and ready. My mom doesnt trust me :/
Posted January 31, 2012
if my grandparents r going 2 Cali this summer i can go 2 without my parents and annoying sister!!!!!!
Princess Angie
Princess Angie
Posted December 08, 2011
I wanna go to Hollywood, Paris, or New York...<3
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