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Added April 10, 2014

9 Bright Lip Color Tips

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Nothing draws attention quicker to your pretty face than colorful lips. Crank up your fun look, and slick on a coat of lip color! And if you’re not looking to take the plunge into lipstick, don’t fear: You can get lip glosses and lip balms with a fun bolt of color perfect for any season.


Check out these tips on wearing lip color, and then go find your shade and rock it!


1. Choose the Right Shade

We are often drawn to the colors that look best on us. Trust the shades that attract you first, and try it on your lips, not your hands. True reds work best on a pale face, while olive skin calls for brown-reds or mahogany shades. If you have warm skin with golden undertones, go for an orangey or brownish-red. If your skin is cool with pink or bluish undertones, try a pinkish or purplish red.


2. Consider the Season

Try a high-gloss, lighter color for sunnier seasons and deeper tones for fall and winter.


3. Get a Lip Pencil in a Similar Shade

If you’re wearing lipstick, use a lip pencil to fill in your lips completely. This will give the color extra staying power. Remember to keep the natural line of your lips — trying to make them look fuller will just end up making them look fake!


4. Carefully Apply

No matter what you’re using, make sure you’re being precise with the application. Even some bold lip balms (with plenty of popping colors) can get a little messy if you’re not careful. Use a brush to help you “stay in the lines.”


5. Mix to Get it Right

If the tube of red lipstick you chose isn't exactly right, try mixing in a little mauve. The pretty fuchsia you create might be exactly the look you want to achieve. Experiment by adding a little brown if the red is a bit too bright for you.


6. Blot

If you’re wearing lipstick, separate a tissue into two layers and use one to blot your lips and remove excess lipstick. Still holding the tissue to your lips, brush loose face powder over it. A fine dusting will go through the tissue and set your color.


7. Downplay Your Eyes

Keep the rest of your makeup subtle. You don't want your eyes to compete for attention.


8. Paint Your Nails the Same Color

Make a statement by embracing your new lip color all the way. Nails of the same shade will be just the touch you need to complete your look.


9. Plan for Touchups

Don’t get caught with faded color. Take the lip color with you wherever you go to touch up after eating, drinking or talking for a while.

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comments so far
Posted April 26, 2014
I love using pink lipstick or lipbalm,really blends with my skintone.
Posted July 28, 2013
Choosing the color from palette of lipstick is a tricky business for most of us. But choosing according you skin shade and occasion.
:) angelsp :)
:) angelsp :)
Posted October 18, 2012
i dont like red lipstick.... in my opinion
Posted July 24, 2013
I like to layer mine. Put a lipstick on first, then add a clear or light pink gloss ( Particularly with sparkles or glitter in it. ) I also like 'Blush Glass'. Its a gloss that gets darker over time like a stain, which you can get at Bath and Body Works
Posted July 04, 2013
IM not allowed to wear realy dark stuff :(
Posted May 06, 2013
I wear lipgloss, blot and mix until I get the shade I want!
Posted September 02, 2012
i am going to ask my mom if i can get lite cute not too dramatic LIPSTICK!
Posted August 04, 2012
Thanks! This article was great to know!
Posted October 09, 2012
I wear an bright pink that is like lipstick but mostly is glossy. Since my lips are thick and shaped nicely, it fits me well. I've tried dark red, but it doesn't look well on me ( in my opinion) and if i put on eyeliner on my already dark eyes i'll probably look like some vampire or something.
Posted August 16, 2012
I swear by lipgloss but never lipstick. (I'm not allowed yet) but I have been using lip stain. It's great! Be sure to use some kind of Chapstick before you put it on though. It's not the most moisturizing thing in the world. :)
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