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Added August 01, 2013

Fitness: 7 Small Steps For a Healthy Lifestyle

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Whether you play sports, run or dance, there are lots of fun ways to incorporate more exercise into your day to achieve your fitness goals and live a healthy life. Why should you exercise? So you can feel great, live long, ramp up your energy and thrive. Here are some ideas and small steps to develop a successful fitness routine that can help lead you to a healthy lifestyle.


1. Break Your Own Records

How many minutes can you jump rope? How many pushups or sit-ups can you do without stopping? How long can you run without stopping? Try to double it! Or set distances, like race trainers do, building up slowly one mile to three miles. Register for a 5K (which is a little over three miles) and find out how you compare to the runners around you. Boost your personal numbers over time, and you’ll feel (and see) a difference in your mood and fitness levels.


2. Set Up a Routine

See if you can create a fitness routine and stick to it for one month. Include moves and equipment that allow you to fit the routine into your schedule. Also, don’t make it too difficult or you’ll set yourself up for defeat. Once you’ve got one month down, look to switch up the routine and make it a little more difficult. Add new moves or increase the weight. Have fun with it!


3. Keep an Exercise Diary

Write down everything you do when it comes to exercise so you can see your progress in black and white. Be as specific as possible about what you record. When you think, “I feel like I haven’t gotten anywhere!” just look at the proof of your progress right there in your diary. Big sweet tooth? Write down what you eat, too. Sometimes seeing a list of everything you’ve eaten in a day helps you realize you should start to incorporate more healthy foods into your diet. Try to get to a point where you’re proud to list the things you’ve eaten — fruits, veggies and no chips! Go you!


4. Feel the Results

The scale isn’t always the best judge of your progress. Actually, since muscle weighs more than fat, you could actually gain weight and fit better in your clothes! That’s why the best way for you to gauge your success is by how you feel running up a flight of stairs or how your favorite clothes fit. Loose? It may be time for some shopping!


5. Help You Help Yourself

What ways can you make it easier to pull off your routine? With a little preparation, it will be easy to get a good start. If you work out early in the morning, lay your workout clothes in a special spot so you can get moving quickly. Also, set out a banana and water bottle so you’re starting out on the right foot with good energy and ready to go as soon as you roll out of bed!


6. Ask Your Family and Friends to Support You

Tell your family and friends how important your new fitness plan and goals are so that they can be supportive. It’s helpful to have cheerleaders!


7. Be Proud of You

No matter how you jumpstart your healthy lifestyle, you should always be proud of yourself. Congratulate yourself on your accomplishments — big and small. You’re making a healthy choice to become an even better you. Now that’s something to smile about :).

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comments so far
Posted September 11, 2011
can anyone help me? Im 5'5'' and i think i have a slim body but i weigh more than anyone else. i think i weigh around 130 pounds...
Posted September 06, 2011
I hope this helps me to stick to my workout everyday. So far i have lost a pound which is really good!
Posted September 04, 2011
i cant seem to lose 5 pounds...thats all i want...but i think its great to set a goal and work towards it until you get it congrats to those who achieve theirs!
Posted August 10, 2011
All of these tips are great but I have another. Say you wanna drop two shirt sizes go to a store you like pick out a shirt you like but get it's two sizes small. Then when you get home hang it up were you can see it everyday.persu your workout plan until you fit in the shirt. This helped me alot you should try it's for sure . :) : D
Posted August 17, 2011
i hope i can stick my plan. i always end up back to my old ways. it sucks when i still weigh the same.
Posted August 14, 2011
Yeah.. I have been saying that I want to stick to a workout plan for a while now. I've tried it but I failed, I really think that these tips can help and all the advise and support people are giving. I knwo for a fact that its hard but take a minute to think, it is soo worthit! I'm going back to my NEW fitness plan, this time I think I can do it! Thanks everybody!
Posted July 16, 2011
I want to be the girl who looks completely different when everybody gets back to school. I like the little goals for the big goal. It'd keep me excited knowing I did something on the list. It'd keep me motivated to keep going with the work out and excercising.
Posted July 20, 2011
I'm a vegetarian and I really don't know how to get enough protein into my daily diet. I've been so for 7 years. I have been told by doctors that I need to have even more protein because I'm also a competitive swimmer, swimming 2 and a half hour practiced 6 days a week. Any help????
Posted August 07, 2011
This was great advice, I had a workout plan, but stopped. Now I'm going to get back to it.
Posted July 17, 2011
@BabyGirl2013 I know EXACTLY where you're coming from, and I can tell you something. YOU NEED TO BE YOUR OWN SUPPORT. Sure, it would be nice to have people supporting you the whole way through, but you can't give up your happiness just beecause they're not there! Congratulate yourself, and get yourself psyched everyime you meet one of your goals!! After all, ou are doing this to make yourself happy, right? So why does it matter if nobody has the heart to give you some support? You're doing this for you-so you can be the one to cheer yourself on! Just keep thinking of the big picture, and what you need to do to make yourself haopy in the long run! Good luck! xoxo p.s. If the lack of support REALLY bothers you, confide in your mom, best friend, sister, aunt, etc. and tell them how much this means to you, how serious you are, and how much you would appreciate their support!
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