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My Period

Menstruation & Your Cycle

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Added August 01, 2014

What is a Period

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Your body may be going through a lot of changes, and we bet you have a ton of questions — especially about your period. Knowing more about your changing body will help you stay calm as you continue growing in your puberty. Here are six common questions and helpful answers about periods.


1. What is a period and why do we have them?
Simply put: A period is when a woman’s body releases tissue it no longer needs. This tissue comes from the uterus, which is where a baby (fetus) can develop in the female body. Every month or so, the uterus lining gets thicker to prepare for a fertilized egg if the woman becomes pregnant. If the egg doesn’t get fertilized, that lining is released from the body as blood through the vagina. This monthly process is called menstruation or a period.


So when a girl has her period, her body is just getting rid of a small amount of blood and some unneeded tissue. It is a natural, normal body process for all females as they become women and mature physically.



2. What does a period feel like?
The actual flow of your period doesn’t feel like much when it’s happening. Chances are, you won’t even feel it coming out. When you actually start your period, you may feel some dampness in your private area — this may be caused by a few spots of blood on your underwear.


3. Does having your period smell?
It shouldn’t! Menstrual odor happens when menstrual fluid comes in contact with air. When menstrual fluid is absorbed within the vagina, like through a tampon, it is not exposed to the air, so there shouldn’t be an odor. If you’re feeling worried, just be sure to change your pads and tampons frequently to help keep odor at bay.


4. Does having your period hurt?
Menstruation itself doesn’t hurt, but some girls and women get cramps or other symptoms during their periods that may be uncomfortable. This is typically due to the hormones your body releases during menstruation that cause the uterus to contract so it can shed it’s lining.


5. Do other people, like boys or my mom, know when I’m menstruating?
If you use period protection and are careful about personal cleanliness, people won’t know you are menstruating unless you tell them.


6. Do boys menstruate?
Menstruation is a part of the female reproductive function. Boys have a different reproductive system than women, so they don’t get periods. But boys go through physical changes at puberty including voice changes, the beginnings of facial, underarm and pubic hair and the ability to produce sperm.


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comments so far
Posted September 03, 2013
Lizzie 12- a normal period can last between 4-7 days depending on the person
Posted August 20, 2013
@cupcake15243 that's normal you can buy lotion just for that and wash your body every day
Posted July 03, 2013
Its a good thing menstruation doesn't affect your activities,sometimes i have cramps sometimes i don't
Posted July 23, 2013
@Lizzie 12. They say a period can last anywhere from 3 to 7 days, but more realistically it'll be for 5-7 days. Use pads for your first couple of periods until you know how you're flow is gonna be. Then I recommend using tampons. They make it really easy to forget about your period and go throughout your day as if you didn't have it! Just don't forget to change!
Lizzie 12
Lizzie 12
Posted July 15, 2013
How long does a period last?
Posted August 12, 2013
I really need someone to answer it really itches down there and I don't know why I told my step mom but we really don't know what to do
Posted May 08, 2012
sweetkitty14 it could be an infection or it could be your pads. if your pads are scented or made with an un-pad like material, then it could be the pad. also if you have exsama (a skin rash that never goes away, but there are ways to treat and make it un-noticable, most likely to need creams in summer or hot tempatures) then it could just simply be the brand. try an un-scented pad and a different brand and see if it goes away. if not then see a doctor, it could be a yeast infection or a different infection.
Posted May 05, 2012
I have a question, for any girl 2 answer, is it normal to itch on my period so much? Or is it the pad?
Posted May 08, 2012
@sweetkitty14, It could be a vaginal infection. I was really itchy one time, but I didn't have my period. I had an infection. If it gets really bad, check with your doctor and make sure to tell your mom or dad. -Moo(:
Posted December 30, 2012
gab :D periods don't hurt but you get cramps on your period and cramps do hurt but you should and lay on heating pad or use midol to help the cramps hope this helped <3 haylee
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See what other girls are asking about periods.
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