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Body Hair Removal

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Added April 10, 2014

3 Ways to Remove Hair

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One of the first things you'll notice during puberty is new hair growing on all different parts of your body. You’ll first notice it in your pubic area, and soon after that, underneath your armpits. You might also find the hair on your arms and legs becoming thicker, too. What's a girl to do?


It's up to you! Within any country there will be girls who chose not to remove the hair under their legs or underarms because of cultural or philosophical beliefs. While some girls feel more comfortable getting rid of the hair under their arms and on their legs, others may feel it's not worth the hassle to remove it — because once you start removing hair, the texture of your hair can often grow back coarser.


If you want to move forward with hair removal, it’s helpful to talk to a parent or trusted adult. They will be able to provide guidance and share their own experience. Once you get the OK, check out our hair removal tips below!


1. Shaving

Using a razor is the most common way to get rid of the hair on your legs and underarms. Here are some tips for having a comfortable shave:


  • Use your own razor. Safety first!
  • Make sure the blade of the razor isn’t old and dull
  • Use shaving gel or soap and water to prepare your skin for shaving
  • Shave in the direction the hair grows
  • Don't press the razor too hard — just let it glide along the surface of your skin



2. Waxing

Another way to get rid of body hair is waxing. This typically involves applying a warm, melted wax to your skin and placing a hair removal strip on top. You then allow the wax to cool and harden before pulling the strip off in the opposite direction of your hair growth. This can be done at home or at a salon. The disadvantage of waxing at home is it can be difficult to do yourself and can get messy! You also have to be careful in making sure the wax isn’t too hot. Be sure to ask for help from an adult.


3. Creams

You can also use chemical hair removal creams at home. These products damage the hair root so when you wash the cream off, you also wash off the hair. It’s pretty simple process, but the downside is they can irritate sensitive areas and they typically smell pretty bad. You will also need to be careful when applying the cream so you don’t get it on a place where you’re not trying to remove hair.


Choose the hair removal method that makes you the most comfortable. And if you aren’t ready to remove your hair just yet, don’t let anyone make you feel pressured! Determine what’s right for you. And remember, it’s always a good idea to talk to your mom or a close guardian. They might have some tips of their own to help you make the right decision for you.

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comments so far
Posted August 25, 2014
@MonsterGirl4299 Im scared to ask her too and dont kniw how to "transport" a razor and shaving cream over to my dads house without him noticing... I always try to ask her when were by razors but I feel like I dont want to ask in front of all those people... Am i not ready?
Posted November 10, 2013
I am not scared to tell my mom I might want to shave. She shaves, and we have already had the pads and tampons talk
Posted November 05, 2013
I want to shave my legs, but then the hair will grow back darker and more visible. I am think about using removal cream. I would never do surgery.
Posted July 23, 2013
NEVER EVER IN YOUR WHOLE LOFE USE A RAZOR SOMEONE ALL READY USED IT CAN LEAD TO HIV! So if you are thinking about taking your moms razor to shave DON'T!
Posted August 23, 2012
I've just told my mom today and she was fine about it we were in the shop and she was buying some razors and she looked at me looking at the razors and said " do you want any?" and i was like " erm yeaaaaaah!" so dont be afriad im sure she'll understand if not say people make fun of you and it makes you upset etc..... X x x
Posted July 03, 2013
My mom never shaved her legs and her legs aren't even hairy!!! Mine are super hairy and I remember when I was younger my mom told me I couldn't shave my legs. I'm 12 now and everyone else has started. How do I ask my mom?
Posted July 25, 2012
Well i have a tan but its not really tan and so i have hair on my legs and its pitch black but its kinda long but guess what!...u cant even see it!!!haha so i dont have to shave my legs yet
Posted August 09, 2012
@lover1225 I feel the same way. I only shave my pits though I'm gonna ask if I can shave my legs too, 'cause, like you, so many kids make fun of me for it. Ex. 1: My step siter's friend was over and we had just gotten out and when we were drying off she was like "Wow, your legs are so hairy like a gorilla's." Ex. 2: My step cousin who is 7 came over yesterday and he was like "Your legs are so hairy!" but he added on that his are too so it wasn't that bad. Ex. 3: When the kids (4 including me) were downstairs playing a game my step sister said to my brother "Your legs are so hairy!" and he said just to make himself he said "But (my name) are hairier!" so I was embarrassed there has been MANY more scenarios where I've gotten made fun of for having hairy legs. :( Oh well.
Posted July 29, 2012
I have 10 yrs worth of body hair on me and i guess its alright my mom is gonna let me use hair removal cream my cuzzin uses it too she says it works but iht grows back reeeeal fast(da hair)she says she recommendds Veet for all girls my mom wont let me use it yet cuz she says it may be too stronng for by body
Posted August 02, 2012
omg i was so scared to tell my mom... but DO NOT be! i told her like few hours ago...when we were shopping...and i was heart was beating so hard...and i was like "mom..."..she was like "?" and i just said really fast i need a razor...and she asked me for what..and i said for my legs and armpits....and she said that i can shave my armpits and use depilatory cream for my legs....and when we came home she told me how to do everything and i feel so good right now cause i told her... im 13 and a half btw :D sry for the long post and bad english! and i think that it is a good idea to tell her when u are in some shop with things like that...cause she probably wont talk much about it and u would feel more comfortable :* good luck girls, and i know u r scared like i was today...but tell her and u will feel great! <3 if u have any questions ask :*** <3
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