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3 DIY Slumber Party Ideas

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Looking for fun things to do at your next BFF sleepover? There are tons of ways to make your slumber party one of a kind. The possibilities are endless! For starters, we’ve got some fun ideas you can try to get everyone exploring their creative sides.



1. Song Chaos
What You’ll Need
Pen and paper


1. Select a leader who will pick out songs for the game. You can do this by flipping a coin.
2. Divide the remaining group of girls into teams.
3. Each team will send one person up to the leader and the leader will give them a song.
4. Then, this person will use pen and paper to draw out clues in order to help their group guess the name of the song as fast as they can.
5. As soon as the group knows the song, they must sing it together as loud as they can.
6. That group will then send up another team member to draw out another song and repeat steps 4 and 5.
7. Keep playing until one group completes five songs.


2. Trail Mix Popcorn and a Movie
What You’ll Need
Assorted candy (anything sweet, sour or chocolaty)
Other toppings (examples: nuts, raisins, cheese, cinnamon, salt and pepper)
A movie Movie player (like a DVD)


1. Make your popcorn. You can pop your own or buy the microwavable bags (some kinds have single servings). You may want to ask an adult for help.
2. Fill a couple of large bowls with popcorn and then add your favorite candies and other toppings. OR if you want to create individual bowls, hand out an empty bowl to each of your slumber party pals and they can each make their own treat and add their favorite candy and toppings, if they choose.
Tip: Not a sweets fan? Make sure you have some cheese, salt and pepper on the table.

3. Pick out a movie, put it in the movie player, sit back, snack and relax with your friends!


3. The Pretty Pillowcase
What You’ll Need
Plain prewashed pillowcases (tell your girlfriends to bring one in their favorite color)
Fabric and/or permanent markers


1. Select your pillowcase. For a smooth workspace, ask your mom to help you iron the pillowcases.
2. Place a piece of cardboard inside your pillowcase. This will give you a good surface and will prevent any of the colors from leaking through to the other side.
3. Start designing your pillowcase with a pencil (just in case you mess up). Draw up whatever you want! You can write out your name in big bubble letters or draw a picture of your favorite things.
4. Go over the outline of your designs with fabric or permanent marker. Make it as colorful as you’d like.
Tip: For a unique twist, fill in your bubble letters with different colors and patterns and then have your friends sign your pillowcase!

5. Put the pillowcase in a heat-set dryer for 20 minutes to seal in your designs and you’ve got the perfect pretty pillowcase to rest your head on after a night of fun!


Don’t forget to invite your guests at least one week in advance to ensure a successful turnout.
Be prepared with a simple snack menu with beverages and last, but not least, don't forget to sleep!


What craft or game will you try at your next slumber party?

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